Duane Allman Style Solo

Duane Allman Style Solo

In this lesson you will learn how to play a complete Duane Allman Style solo similar to Not My Cross to Bear by the Allmans.

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In this Course you’ll learn how to play a complete 3 minute solo in the style of Not My Cross To Bear by Duane Allman. I’ll show you the chord progression I’m using for the backing track, then I’ll break down each section of the solo into separate licks so you can easily learn what I’m doing.

This Lesson Includes:

1.5 Hour Video
8 Pages of PDF Tabs
Backing Track

Gibson Recommended

In 2008 Gibson recognized me as an expert for teaching the Duane Allman slide guitar style. 10 years later I think I have learned quite a deal more about his playing since then and that’s the info I have put into this course.


  1. Paul Mcmahon in UK


    This lesson is beautifully constructed, well produced and comprehensive. The song is played with real feeling and sensitivity by John. There is a lot to learn for intermediate and advanced players. Excellent value for money

  2. foto_adhotmail-com

    If I would have to say one thing about this course it would be “totally understandable”.

    The course is set up in such a way that everything you see and hear makes perfect sense. The tabs, the files, the video and of course the bit by bit explanation from John makes up a complete puzzle. Pure quality. You can feel the heart and soul from John shining trough every single bit. And all of that for this price? Simply amazed.

    Keep up the good work John. Simply wonderful


  3. Jon in the US

    Duane’s lesson and more…

    Let me start by writing that i have been a JT student/fan for a couple of years now. I have his PLAY LIKE CLAPTON and SHUFFLE THE BLUES lessons as well as the ALLMAN lesson, which i might add, is killer.

    Having played in bands eons ago, I was the designated bass/rhythm player. So when i picked up the guitar after 20 years, I put ‘playing lead guitar’ on my bucket list and have been pursuing it for the past 3 years.

    I find that JT’s style is one that is very comfortable and familiar to me, making it easier to pick up. I actually think I sound half way decent.
    Listening to John play, I can hear what the possibilities are for me. I play every night and 99% of the time, it’s a ‘learningguitarnow.com’ lesson.

    Thanks John.

  4. Hank in Falmouth, Maine

    Cross to Bear is a gem !

    I’ve worked on several Allman Bros solos over the years and enjoyed many of John’s lessons, but this one is truly a standout. Straight forward – easy to follow

    You can’t play this without it pulling on your emotion and soul. The slow tempo, the beautiful vibrato and bends all make it a great vehicle to nail the style of Allman’s Cross to Bear or transfer it to other tunes – which is the real way to create your own style.

    Thanks for the great lesson John !

  5. Jerry Johnson in Jacksonville, NC

    Duane Allman Cross modified for slide open E

    I’ve got arthritis in my hand so I transposed to Open E, only had to change a few notes. It works well enough for me, sound is real similar, just need a little more vibrato on the long bends.

  6. Cody Dafoe in Canada

    A great course. I think the lead is better than Duane’s.

  7. billm in Rochester NY

    John: I love my guitar again !!!! Have the Allman, Betts, Shuffle, and slide courses. Love my guitar. Thanks for your courses

  8. Keith in StillmanValley Illinois

    This is the 2nd set of lessons Ive purchased from John, And already I’m seeing a difference in my playing. I bought the Warren Haynes last year and wow. John has a very good teaching style that works for me. Easy to understand and you almost feel like he’s right there working with you. I would recommend any of Learning Guitar Now lessons. No matter your level you will improve with these lessons, I’m looking forward to my next purchase.

    These are just topnotch and the tabs and videos are easy to follow. Great stuff buy and grow as a guitarist.. Hey John Just a suggestion how about a Joe Bonamassa style lesson.

  9. Georgios G. in Greece

    Very good and very constructive lessons for me… Also very good explained…These lessons – like all others I’ve purchased before – help me to improve my playing a lot!!!

    Thanks a lot once again!

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