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Hear from real customers about their experience with my guitar lessons.

If you want to learn classic blues then this is the web site for you, John offers a huge amount of knowledge and terrific courses in the Blues. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned vet, you will learn something from his courses. I cannot say enough how great it is.

I have been a member for 3+ years and have learned so much and continue to learn, as John is always adding more and more to the course constantly.

Terry Kurash

I was happy to stumble on to learn guitar now. Have played guitar for many years and like many musicians I am always on the look out for new ways to get better with my choice of instrument. Inside of learn guitar now is an fret board adventure with sharp turning corners of 7TH chords and finger blistering knowledge and how to bend to the correct Half or whole tone and ascending up the highway of major c with plush scale techniques, What a ride! Look there are a lot of here let me show you how on the internet and I’ll charge you an are or a leg for the service and at the end of the day you learn how to play a 3 cord progression and it takes you 2 months, heck that even happens in my home town. But learn guitar now is an easy internet based guitar learning center where you can go at tour own pace. For me it was the Blues content in this website that hooked me I purchased the whole year and I use it every day I have learned a tone of techniques already that I didn’t know. So from beginner to advanced player looking to build on there skill set it’s a no brainer, Buy this course put in the work and you will be pleased.

Dusty Morris

I first encountered John through one of his video’s on YouTube. I really enjoyed the lesson, and gained some solid information from it, so I decided to check out his web site.

As I started checking out the site I was immediately impressed by not only the amount of quality content and the variety of lessons on the site, but also the style and manner in which John teaches.

I especially enjoy the interactive feature for lessons. I’ve been working on Blues Guitar Method 1 for a few weeks and the lessons on Visualization and Improvising are totally changing the way I view and navigate the fretboard. If you’re serious about playing, and really looking to improve your Blues and slide playing, this site is the place to be.


I can’t say enough about John and his lessons. I’ve always wanted to be a slide player but I have never been able to get the hang of it, until I stumbled on to one of John’s videos on YouTube and decided to check his site out. I definitely don’t regret it and it is absolutely worth the money. My slide playing ability has increased so much, in such a short amount of time. His lessons are complete, very detailed, very structured and have a logical flow. John will take you from beginner to as far down the road as you are willing to go. He is very approach able and very responsive with any questions you might have. His website is very polished and easy to navigate. I love the way the lessons are presented with the videos having multiple camera angles and interactive tabs with a looping function. I strongly recommend that if you are looking to improve your blues and or slide playing you should definitely sign up for Learning Guitar Now All Access Pass. There aren’t any other sites out there that are this complete or detailed.

Chance Glasford