Soundslice Interactive Tabs

Learn about the Interactive Soundslice Video Tab that is used for the Lessons.

If you need to loop sections or slow down the video, check out the video to see how you can easily do this with all the licks or solos you will learn using the Soundslice technology.

Interactive Tab Tutorial

Interactive Tab Tutorial

Hi John, I’m sending you a quick note to say how much I am LOVING being a member of Learning Guitar Now. Your guitar tuition is second to none and I am learning exactly what I had hoped to.

Currently I am working my way through Blues Guitar Method 1 and then I received an email from you suggesting to look at Blues Method Supplement, which I am finding very useful. Between the two courses I am finally beginning to get the bluesy sound, moving between the major and minor scales, I’d always hoped to get.

I’ve been a member of several other guitar tuition sites and bought many other programs but for me yours is by far and away the best. Keep up the great work!

Kevin Plumb

Take Your Blues Skills to the Next Level

Step by step courses created to teach you the concepts and techniques required to play improvisational blues guitar.