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Hi I'm John W Tuggle and I want to teach you how to improvise blues and slide guitar with my step by step courses that will give you the skills to play like Clapton, King, Allman, and many more.

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About John W Tuggle

In 2008 I created this website Learning Guitar Now to show students how to play blues and slide guitar.

After years of live playing and teaching private lessons to students, I wanted to show the world the lessons I felt would really help them to gain a better understanding of how to go about improvising blues and slide .

I believe anyone can play the blues and when you can play the things you want to on the guitar, it becomes so much more enjoyable and gratifying.

Over 160 Hours of Step by Step Courses and Lessons to teach you how to play and improvise blues and slide guitar.

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Member Reviews

Read what real members of Learning Guitar Now had to say about the lessons.

Hi John, I'm sending you a quick note to say how much I am LOVING being a member of Learning Guitar Now. Your guitar tuition is second to none and I am learning exactly what I had hoped to. Currently I am working my way through Blues Guitar Method 1 and then I received an email from you suggesting to look at Blues Method Supplement, which I am finding very useful. Between the two courses I am finally beginning to get the bluesy sound, moving between the major and minor scales, I'd always hoped to get. I've been a member of several other guitar tuition sites and bought many other programs but for me yours is by far and away the best. Keep up the great work!
Kevin Plumb
I can’t say enough about John and his lessons. I’ve always wanted to be a slide player but I have never been able to get the hang of it, until I stumbled on to one of John’s videos on YouTube and decided to check his site out. I definitely don’t regret it and it is absolutely worth the money. My slide playing ability has increased so much, in such a short amount of time. His lessons are complete, very detailed, very structured and have a logical flow. John will take you from beginner to as far down the road as you are willing to go. He is very approach able and very responsive with any questions you might have. His website is very polished and easy to navigate. I love the way the lessons are presented with the videos having multiple camera angles and interactive tabs with a looping function. I strongly recommend that if you are looking to improve your blues and or slide playing you should definitely sign up for Learning Guitar Now All Access Pass. There aren’t any other sites out there that are this complete or detailed.
Paul de Jong
I started with the free lesson and liked it so much I joined with the All Access Pass for a month. It turned out that thirty days wasn’t enough to even put a dent in all the great lessons on this site so I upgraded to a full year.
It didn’t take long to learn that a year wasn’t long enough either as new courses, licks and podcasts are added all the time. Whether it’s BB King, Albert King, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix or Duane Allman you want to sound like, LGN gives you the technique for achieving that style and tone. It’s an amazing learning experience that seems to get better with each new lesson.
Steve Young
I first encountered John through one of his video’s on YouTube. I really enjoyed the lesson and gained some solid information from it, so I decided to check out his website. As I started checking out the site I was immediately impressed by not only the amount of quality content and the variety of lessons on the site but also the style and manner in which John teaches. I especially enjoy the interactive feature for lessons. I’ve been working on Blues Guitar Method 1 for a few weeks and the lessons on Visualization and Improvising are totally changing the way I view and navigate the fretboard. If you’re serious about playing, and really looking to improve your Blues and slide playing, this site is the place to be
New Mexico

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Make a decision today to start improving your blues skills. With over 25 years of teaching experience, I want to show you what I have learned along the way that will help your blues and slide guitar playing.