This skill level assumes that you understand everything mentioned in the Beginner, Beginner/Intermediate Levels, and the following techniques.

  • You may now start to understand how to use Intervals in your improvising
  • You can pick out the key of some blues songs but still have trouble with this
  • You know the chords contained in the major scale
  • You know all of the Major and Minor Pentatonic scales
  • You can move scales and patterns easily to different keys
  • You are getting better at the different types of vibrato, bending, and raking styles
  • You understand the basics of the chord embellishment styles
  • You have memorized all of the blues progressions taught in Blues Rhythm 1 and can play through them using barre chords containing Major, Minor, Dominant 7th, 9th, and Diminished 7th chords

Players at the Intermediate level usually can play some improvised blues solos, but have not mastered the ability to feel totally comfortable when improvising using lots of different concepts and techniques yet as taught in Blues Guitar Method 2.

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