Take Your Blues Skills To The Next Level

Learn how to play in the style of Clapton, Allman, ZZ Top, SRV, BB King, and more with my step-by-step Courses and Lessons. Imagine being able to play your favorite solos, and finally expressing yourself the way you’ve always dreamed.

If you’re stuck in a rut and don’t know what to do to improve your blues playing, you’ve come to the right place.

John’s courses and lessons have guided me from a relative beginner to a gigging musician

When I discovered Learning Guitar Now I quickly realized it was exactly what I had been searching for, and I’ve never looked back. John’s courses and lessons have guided me from a relative beginner to a gigging musician and member of three bands. The courses cover every aspect of blues guitar and include so many great tips and important insights that will improve your overall musicianship. Purchasing the LGN All Access Pass is simply one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

John G

He covers all the great blues and rock guitarists

LGN is an incredible resource for anyone wanting to get better at playing the blues. Working through John’s lessons will get you better at improvising, help with techniques like bending, slides, raking, and vibrato. He covers all the great blues and rock guitarists and some that you may not have studied previously. I highly recommend the All Access Pass to anyone who loves playing guitar!


Master the art of improvising, mixing major and minor scales, vibrato, bending, muting, raking, rhythm playing, slide guitar, and more.

Learning Guitar Now ticks all the boxes when it comes to improving your guitar playing

Learning Guitar Now ticks all the boxes when it comes to improving your guitar playing. John Tuggle is a great player to learn from and has worked incredibly hard in building a top class guitar learning environment. I’ve been a member of a few other learning sites but slowly lost interest in them.

I’ve learned so much since being a member and I’ll be sticking with John. If you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced and like blues, Clapton, Hendrix, ZZ Top and the Allman Brothers why would you go anywhere else. His lessons are easy to follow with great functionality in the software.

There’s always new content arriving and so much existing content to keep you busy. Thanks for what you do John. I’m definitely a better guitar player for being a member. Totally recommended.

John Hampton

John makes it Crystal Clear

I’m in my second year of All Access with Learning Guitar Now. I had no knowledge really of guitar before these classes. They have been super enlightening about the whole concept of playing guitar and music in general.

John goes over every note of every piece of music painstakingly and makes it crystal clear as to what you’re supposed to be doing. While explaining the whole time where you are and how it works as music… His knowledge and enthusiasm are always inspirational. It takes lots of practice and repetition but it really works. I’ve looked at lots of other instruction on the Internet and this is by far the best. John Tuggle does a great job!



THIS IS THE PLACE TO LEARN THE BLUES I’ve been trying to play blues guitar for 30 years on and off and never was able to play it right. It looked like something totally out of my reach, although I spent thousands in lessons. After trying a lot of different things in the internet I checked some free LGN lessons and decided to give it a try.

I didn’t even dream what I was going to find and achieve there. In less than 1 year I have improved so much, that some people think I have even gone to the crossroad at night! For the first time in my life I practice everyday and every time I have some free time, and I cannot wait for my daily practice. All solos and licks are amazing from the beginner to the advance levels. Although I joined as a picker, I have also now started slide guitar. Something I never thought I was going to do in my life.

This is not a site to only learn songs, this is the PLACE to learn actually how to PLAY THE BLUES. How to play in the style of the masters (SRV, Clapton, Duane Allman, Billy Gibbons, BB King, Hendrix, etc, etc) and embed it into your playing. How to get the tones, use the gear and even how to record yourself and build a great home recording studio. How to master the nuances and techniques of masters’ playing, that nobody teaches you anywhere. And how to improvise…

John W. Tuggle is a world class player and a natural teacher, who evidently loves music, the blues and puts all the passion into his work.

I’ll keep subscribing to the All Access Pass until my hands are not able to play a note anymore! This site has really made me a happier person.


What’s Included in All Access

After joining you’ll gain immediate access to all of the following learning tools to help make you a better blues player.


Structured Paths for learning about different topics such as Blues Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar and Slide Guitar.


Practice along with Interactive backing tracks. You can also download 50 mp3s immediately after becoming a member.


Each month I’ll go live to answer any member’s questions.

Interactive Exercises

All of the standalone Soundslice blues practice exercises.


Ask me a question or discuss all things guitar related with other members.


Recurring Monthly Plan

$19.95 / month

Recurring Payment – Cancel Anytime

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Recurring Yearly Plan

$159.95 / year

Save $79.45 with a Yearly Plan!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Risk-Free: Full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

In 2008 I was featured on Gibson.com as a recommended teacher for open e tuning slide guitar.

Features for Learning

Having these interactive features available make the lessons much easier to learn.

Soundslice Interactive Video Tabs

With the Soundslice Interactive Video and Tab technology, you can learn any tab on the site much faster.

AB Looping

Looping with the lesson video player allows you to loop any section for precise practice.

Video Bookmarks

You can bookmark any time point in the video so you can easily return back to it at a later date.

Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro files are provided to download for all lessons in addition to the PDF and Interactive Tab.


With favorites you can bookmark anything on the site that you want to easily come back to at a later time.

Video Zoom

All the lesson videos can be zoomed in so you can get a better view if you need to. Easy to use by scroll and dragging the video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions you may have about the All Access Pass.

Probably not. While there is some beginner material on the site, the bulk of the content is made for guitarists who have been playing for a year or two. If you know the first position pentatonic scale and can strum a few chords then you should be fine.

This site has been created for the Beginner/Intermediate player so you will find a wealth of information to make your blues playing sound much more polished and improvisational.

Yes. The All Access Pass works on all devices including iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle, Mac, PC.

Yes. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the lessons in any way we have a 30 day money back guarantee. I want you to succeed, and know that if you become a member of the All Access Pass and really put your heart and soul into it… you will see results! John W Tuggle *Note – The 30 day refund period only applies to your first subscription and can’t be used more than once. This is not a free trial period to be clear. To receive a refund you must send an email to info@learningguitarnow.com and request a refund.

Yes. All tabs that are contained in the All Access Pass can be printed.

I recommend having an internet connection of at least 10 Mbps to use all of the video features and have the site run smoothly.

You sure can! You can upgrade to annual membership any time with a couple of clicks from your account page. On your next billing cycle your subscription will be charged at the yearly rate.

It’s time for you to take action. Simple as that. If you really want to get better at playing the blues then it is very beneficial to get answers from someone who has been there, played blues onstage for decades, and has spent years teaching students how to improve their guitar playing.
Put simply, learning certain guitar techniques does take some time so the sooner you start, the better.

You actually can. The only problem is that if you don’t know what you need to learn, then it’s hard to know what to search for. Also everything that is taught on YouTube is not necessarily the best way to go about learning things. I have taught students for over 2 decades so I can guarantee that the lessons I teach have worked with students offline and online.

Do you want to spend your time searching or practicing things that you know will get your better? I guarantee you will find some very useful lessons that will take your playing to the next level if you practice.

No. The videos in the All Access Pass are streaming only and can’t be downloaded.

It’s so easy to lose focus when trying to learn guitar. The All Access Pass is here to keep you on-track and is available 24/7 on any device.

Learn what I’ve taught to thousands of students over the last 27 years from teaching the blues online and in private lessons.

Master the art of improvising, mixing major and minor scales, vibrato, bending, muting, raking, rhythm playing, slide guitar, and more.


Recurring Monthly Plan

$19.95 / month

Cancel Anytime

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Recurring Yearly Plan

$159.95 / year

Save $79.45 with a Yearly Plan

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Risk-Free: Full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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