Take Your Blues Skills to the Next Level

While most other sites focus on many different styles of guitar lessons, I only focus on teaching you how to play blues guitar.  If you're wanting to learn how to play like Clapton, Hendrix, the Three Kings, Allman, SRV, and others that play this style of blues then you've come to the right place.  

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You'll learn improvising, mixing the major and minor scales, techniques such as vibrato, bending, muting, raking, and rhythm playing in the All Access Pass.  I want to show you what I’ve taught to thousands of students over the course of the last 20 years of teaching the blues online and in private lessons.


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This is by far the best on-line guitar program I have used.  John Tuggle is by far the best instructor I have taken lessons from in my 48 years of playing.....Here's why. He is a master at performing the material he teaches. The video methods, tab, standard notation, and backing tracks are all straight in front to closely examine. He integrates music theory, practice technique, and attitude in all lessons. His amount of patience is evident in the entire program. If you are "on this side of the soil", you will improve instantly. I will recommend this to guitarist of all styles, especially for the blues. - Matthew F. in Hot Springs MT

I am only a couple lessons into the Slide Method 1 in Open E, but I could not be more pleased with my decision to join Learning Guitar Now. John is not only a great musician, but he is a great teacher. The lessons are well presented, they go in a logical order, and the production quality is great.  I have also started on the Blues Rhythm Guitar and Blues Guitar Method courses and am equally pleased with them.  I love that new items are frequently added to the website, so it is constantly getting better. I am so pleased that I found Learning Guitar Now,  I only wish I would have joined earlier. - Glenn K. in Lawrenceville Ga

What's Included

All Courses at LGN

As a member you’ll have unlimited access to ALL of the courses that are available at LGN. Currently there is over 100 hours of HD video lesson courses contained in the All Access Pass. These courses cover topics such as improvising, vibrato, bending, raking, mixing major and minor scales, artist style, slide guitar and a whole lot more. This amount of video has taken me 8 years to put out. Browse all the Courses Here

Backing Tracks

Practice along with nearly 100 different backing tracks with new ones arriving every month. You can also download a bundle of 50 immediately after purchase to use however you like.

Community Forum

Gain access to the member forums where you can ask a question or discuss things with other members.

Premium Podcast

All Access Pass members get access to the backing track and tabs for Podcast 90 and above.

Quick Tip Videos

These short 10-15 minute videos focus on teaching you a specific concept or technique that you can apply immediately that will improve your blues playing. New ones are added every month.

Lick of the Month

Each month I’ll do a lesson on a particular lick that I believe will really help your playing. The goal of these lessons is to teach you a lick that really helps your technique and ability when improvising blues guitar. Includes tabs, backing track, and interactive version.

Live Training

Once you’re a member you’ll be able to attend the Live Training video broadcasts as well as the recorded playbacks. During the Live Broadcasts you’ll have the ability to ask questions in real time. It’s great way to get any question you have answered in video format. Pretty cool I think!


Interactive Tabs

This is my favorite feature and utilizes the Soundslice technology. It’s unbelievable to me how great this works.

Slow Motion

If you need to slow down anything in a video then the speed control will allow you to do just that.

AB Looping

With the looping feature you can select any portion of the video you would like to loop over and over again.


With so many lessons on the site it’s much easier to find what you like when you can favorite anything on the site.

Lefty View

If you’re left handed then you can flip the video to view the lessons as if I were a left handed guitarist.