Free Blues Backing Tracks

Practice your blues guitar licks with these high quality backing tracks containing full band instrumentation.

Blues Backing Track in E

Practice your blues licks with this High Quality Shuffle Backing Track in the key of E. You can play many different styles of blues over this track. Slide Guitar sounds great as well. This track is similar to Before You Accuse Me by Eric Clapton. Here’s an example of me playing some slide guitar over … Read more

Country Blues Backing Track in G

Check out this Country Blues Backing Track in G. It’s kind of a Georgia Satellites sounding tune with a good foot stompin’ blues boogie. Sounds really good to play slide over this tune. Open G, Open E, and Standard Tuning all work really well over this track. You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite … Read more

Allman Brothers Backing Track in B

Practice your licks with this Ain’t Wastin Time style Allman Brothers Backing track in the Key of B. This track sounds really good when playing open e tuning slide guitar. Try using the mixolydian scale to get a Derek Trucks slide guitar sound. Here’s an example of me playing a solo over this track. Check … Read more