• Beginner Slow Blues Lead

    In this course we’ll learn the concepts and techniques used for playing soulful slow blues lead guitar. How to find notes all over the fretboard, the 12 bar blues, minor pentatonic scales, bending, vibrato, slides, rhythm, and more are covered.

  • Texas Walking Blues

    Learn the concepts and techniques to walk bass lines when playing rhythm guitar ala Pride and Joy and beyond. You’ll also learn the muting techniques that will stop all those pesky open strings from ringing out when trying to play this highly percussive style.

  • Blues Rhythm Guitar Pt 2

    In this course we’ll continue learning about the essentials of learning blues rhythm guitar by studiying the classic blues rhythm and funky blues stylings.

    Running Time – 1 Hr 45 Min

  • Chord Embellishments

    In this course you’ll learn how to add embellishments to your chord playing similar to what you might hear Hendrix, SRV, or John Mayer play.

  • Blues Mini Course

    45 minutes of video instruction with tab and backing tracks to help get you out of box playing. You’ll learn a complete 12 bar solo that will show you how to implement the concepts and techniques taught in this course.