Supplement – Acoustic Guitar Solo

Supplement – Acoustic Guitar Solo

Learn how to play an acoustic blues guitar solo in the key of A. Includes 11 pages of tabs. Running time is 1 Hour 45 Minutes.

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In this course I want to show you how to play a complete acoustic blues guitar solo in the key of A that I wrote. This solo combines many old school blues phrases with a few modern twists to give you a challenging but melodic piece you can play by yourself on an acoustic guitar.

The Solo You Learn

To put the solo together I drew from a variety of influences including, Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton, and Jimmy Page. I also put a little of my own style in to give it my own unique sound. I like to write pieces and I enjoy putting my own spin on classic phrases. Hopefully you will too! 🙂

This solo is in standard tuning and is played using a fingerstyle technique and is aimed at the intermediate level player.

This Course Includes

  • 1 Hour 45 Minute HD Video
  • Multi Cam HD Video
  • 4 Exercises Video to build hand coordination
  • 11 Pages of PDF Tabs

Lesson Index

  • Intro
  • Tuning
  • Lesson 1 Four Exercises
  • A Blues Scale
  • Lesson 2 The Solo
  • Breakdown of the 15 Solo Sections
  • Closing

When playing acoustic guitar, you have to be precise with your playing as there is nothing to hide behind. No overdrive, reverb, delay or any effects to mask your playing. Just you and a guitar which will put your skills to the ultimate test. By learning how to play this piece your technique WILL get better which will also translate to your electric playing.


  1. jncinnaol-com

    WOW!! I mean……WOW!! John Tuggle has truly outdone himself with this extremely well thought out, condensed yet thorough acoustic blues course! If someone knows of a better course …..especially one as jam packed and full of fantastic innovative techniques and great pearls of general advice and direction (especially under two hours long) then I wish they’d inform me because there just isn’t one!! Believe me, I’ve searched and searched and at this fantastic introductory price of $14.99 this course is a steal!! John must have spent hours and hours piecing this gem together and unless you’re on the stage with the likes of Eric and others….and even then…..this course absolutely delivers!! I cannot put it down!! I have no stake in writing this but John Tuggle has purposely made this course lean a nice bit toward advanced rather than intermediate but his detailed in depth explanations and tab and chord diagrams…….this one’s a winner and advantage selfish me if you don’t grab a copy and memorize but then again……I naturally want to see John and LGN do a series of acoustic blues courses so….I am being selfish I guess! Perhaps the coolest thing along with having a complete and amazing acoustic blues solo to play and impress is even though John has long ago mastered electric blues guitar lessons and great courses, put down your acoustic after getting this course down and play your electric and watch how this fretboard too lights up!! This course is an absolute A++ and if there was anything I’d have loved to have seen it’s a very slow play through so we can get the complete flow down. Following the tab is the next best thing here but in the last 30 hours since I’ve opened this Acoustic Blues Guitar Solo course I can tell that my touch and feel and confidence is beginning to ride sky high and I’ve tried almost every other acoustic blues course or site out there!!! Buy it!! Jim C.

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