Beginner Slow Blues Lead

Learn the concepts and techniques used for playing soulful slow blues lead guitar. Running Time 4 Hours

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In this course we’ll learn the concepts and techniques used for playing soulful slow blues lead guitar. How to find notes all over the fretboard, playing the 12 bar blues, minor pentatonic scales, blues nuances, and more are covered.

I spent a lot of time thinking about everything a student would need to know to be able to start playing leads over a slow blues and the lessons in this course are what I feel will get you there if you practice.

This course is not for someone who has never played guitar before at all but for the student who has maybe 6 months to a year of playing behind them.

To take this course you will need to be able to play and strum some open chords, play a simple major barre chord, and be able to play the first position minor pentatonic scale.

Lesson Index

Lesson 1 Strings, Picks, and Technique

Lesson 2 Finding Notes on the Fretboard, The 12 Bar Blues

Lesson 3 Understanding the difference in 4/4 and 12/8 and how to think about them both while in 12/8

Lesson 4 Scales – Minor Pentatonic Scales and how to play them using different rhythms over a slow blues – Will help improve your timing

Lesson 5 Blues Nuances – Bending, Slides, Hammer Ons and Pull Offs, Vibrato

Lesson 6 Five Positions for playing lead in addition to using scales

Lesson 7 24 bar Slow Blues Solo in A

Lesson 8 Five Licks

Lesson 9 Seven Steps to Improvising ( Coming 2022 )

Lesson 10 Rhythm Guitar Breakdown and Lesson

If you’re interested in learning how to play slow blues lead guitar, then this course will give you the tools you need to be able to do that. It will take some practice but if you put in the work you will see results.

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