Beginner Slow Blues Lead

In this course you’ll learn the concepts and techniques used for playing soulful slow blues lead guitar. How to find notes all over the fretboard, the 12 bar blues, minor pentatonic scales, bending, vibrato, slides, rhythm, and more are covered.

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In this course, you will learn the concepts and techniques for playing soulful slow blues lead guitar. How to find notes all over the fretboard, playing the 12 bar blues, minor pentatonic scales, blues nuances, and more are covered. This course is not for someone who has never played guitar before but for the student who has maybe 6 months to a year of playing behind them.

To take this course you will need to be able to play and strum some open chords, play a simple major barre chord, and be able to play the first position minor pentatonic scale.

2023 Update – 90 Minutes of New Lessons Recently Added

  • The Picking Hand – How to use your Picking hand for more accuracy, control, and power.
  • The Fretting Hand – How to position your hand, fingers, and thumb to maximize accuracy, tone, and power.
  • Muting – How to stop all of those unwanted strings from ringing out when you’re trying to play solos.
  • Vibrato – How to get more power for that SRV and Hendrix sound without killing your wrists and fingers.

If you learn how to incorporate these techniques into your playing you will have a much stronger technique for doing that SRV/Hendrix vibrato style, picking, strumming, or any type of playing really.

Playing in this way will also help if you struggle with any kind of pain in your arms, wrists, and fingers. I know this because I have had lots of issues in these areas for over a decade but now I have zero pain there. It’s been a miraculous discovery brought on by a nearly life-threatening event I had a year ago.


6 Hours of Video Lessons
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Lesson Index

Lesson 1 – Strings and Picks, Picking Hand, Fretting Hand and Muting

Lesson 2 – Finding Notes on the Fretboard, The 12 Bar Blues

Lesson 3 – Understanding the difference in 4/4 and 12/8 and how to think about them both while in 12/8

Lesson 4 – Scales – Minor Pentatonic Scales and how to play them using different rhythms over a slow blues

Lesson 5 – Blues Nuances – Bending and Vibrato

Lesson 6 – Five Positions for playing lead in addition to using scales

Lesson 7 – 24 bar Slow Blues Solo in A

Lesson 8 – Five Licks

Lesson 9 – Rhythm Guitar Breakdown and Lesson

If you’re interested in learning how to play slow blues lead guitar, then this course will give you the tools you need to be able to do that. It will take some practice but if you put in the work you will see results.

The Solo You Will Learn

Member Reviews

On videos where he turns it loose, you see and hear someone that gets it

I’ve been playing in bands since 1974 when I was 17. They’ve been more or less successful over time, earning enough scratch to keep me interested. Blues has always been at the top of my list, and I got by on basic rhythm techniques and the occasional lead. “Good enough” to get by, but I was never satisfied.

I’ve tried dozens of instructors, all sorts of how-to books/DVDs/online programs…nothing seemed to click. When you hear a good blues guitar player, the distinction between good enough and great is huge. I’ve found a few online, but too many talk talk talk and play little. When I discovered Learning Guitar Now, I realized it was different on this site. First, John can PLAY. On videos where he turns it loose, you see and hear someone that gets it. But what makes his site different than the rest just regurgitating variations of the same theme is that he wants YOU to get it.

If you want to pick and choose your lessons…fine. If you want to start from scratch and build competency in technique…fine. If you want to talk to him on the forum and have a REAL exchange of ideas or ask for advice…he’s there. The lesson curriculum is huge, his freebies on YouTube vast, and his continued enthusiasm to help you become a better blues guitarist is non-wavering.

You’re not on his site to learn theory or the fretboard, although he does touch on these when necessary. You are there to play guitar. Play what you love in the style of your favorite artists or just improvising. Play, learn the phrases, the timing, the technique and you WILL get better. I’m 64 as I write this. Still playing. The difference now is I’m getting better. Good enough doesn’t cut it for me now.

When I hit a phrase just right, the audience actually pauses on that beat. The beauty of the blues just poured through my fingertips if only for a moment. Right now I’m focused on some of the Allman Brothers material. It takes me home. Sometimes, when I daydream, I see me on that stage with them, holding my own. Thanks JohnT, you’ve kept the blues alive for this old timer!

John White

I am pleased to say that I can now play a reasonable lead solo

I’m a pretty good acoustic guitar player who has always wanted to play electric blues lead. I have used quite a few other online tutoring sites some more successful than others but still didn’t manage to get it. Until, that is, I found Learning Guitar Now. With John’s tutoring style and a great website full of great courses I am pleased to say that I can now play a reasonable lead solo and I’m improving all the time. I love the way John plays guitar. It’s exactly how I’d like to play but he is very clear that you need to practice to get there. John is a very straight talker to lays out what you need to do to play blues lead and that is practice. He is also very encouraging by saying that you can do it but don’t kid yourself that buying the course will make you a great player if you don’t follow John’s useful and straight forward advice. So thank you John for everything. I get so much enjoyment from playing and see myself improving each month.

Dik McFarlane

He covers all the great blues and rock guitarists

LGN is an incredible resource for anyone wanting to get better at playing the blues. Working through John’s lessons will get you better at improvising, help with techniques like bending, slides, raking, and vibrato. He covers all the great blues and rock guitarists and some that you may not have studied previously. I highly recommend the All Access Pass to anyone who loves playing guitar!


John uses the latest tools available

I’m very happy being an All Access Pass member here at LGN. John is an excellent teacher and amazing guitar player. He not only shows you “what” to play but also focuses on “how” to play each note with emotion and feeling. That makes all the difference. Also the site interface is so easy and John uses the latest tools available to make the experience as rewarding as possible! I say “Go for it!” …you’ll be glad you did.

Philly Dupree