Texas Walking Blues

Learn the concepts and techniques to walk bass lines when playing rhythm guitar ala Pride and Joy and beyond. You’ll also learn the muting techniques that will stop all those pesky open strings from ringing out when trying to play this highly percussive style.

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In this course, you’ll learn how to walk bass lines and the technique used to play the rhythm guitar in tunes such as Pride and Joy by SRV.

Lesson 1 Patterns for Walking

Lesson 2 Walking to a chord

Lesson 3 Full Walking Example with explanation and adding in Chords

Lesson 4 Raking, muting, and 3 technique exercises ala SRV Pride and Joy style

Lesson 5 Walking Rhythm performance Lesson

Lesson 6 Texas Blues Solo lesson over a walking guitar rhythm

This Course Includes

  • 1 Hour 46 minutes of Video
  • 4 Backing Tracks
  • Tab on Video
  • Interactive Tab


Learn this Solo and the Rhythm played behind it.

The Solo

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