Derek Trucks Open E Tuning Slide Guitar Lesson

In this slide guitar lesson, I want to show you how to play an open e tuning slide guitar lick in the style of Derek Trucks. This lesson is in the key of C and is similar to something you would find him playing over Joyful Noise.

To learn more about Open E Tuning slide guitar, check out my complete Open E Tuning Slide Course.

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6 thoughts on “Derek Trucks Open E Tuning Slide Guitar Lesson”

  1. you are the best slide player I’ve heard in a long and the best teacher I have seen on the web. Do you play out. i now we don’t live close to each other but i would love to see you in person kindest regards, Win

    • Thanks. I don’t play out very much right now. I’ve put all my time into running this website.

  2. Great lesson John!
    Fun lick (playing it slow!).
    Your open E lessons have got me started playing slide. Always wanted to but without learning the techniques was never able to make it sound right until now.
    Thanks again.

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