Breaking Out of the Box FREE Course

In this Free Course, I want to show you how to start playing beyond that First Position Pentatonic Box so many blues players seem to get stuck in.

  • 45 Minute Blues Course
  • Interactive and PDF Tab
  • 8 Backing Track Downloads
  • Neural DSP Tone King Presets

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Course Lesson Index

  • Lesson 1 – The Sliding Position for Expanding the Minor Pentatonic Scale
  • Lesson 2 – The Everywhere Lick that lets you start learning the Entire Fretboard
  • Lesson 3 – Three Must Know Positions for Playing Slow Blues Solos
  • Lesson 4 – A Beginner Level 12 Bar Slow Blues Solo in the Key of A

This website has really helped me progress and evolve

I think the best part about the videos is not just the breakdown of the licks and execution, but John describing all the subtleties and details like rakes, muting, dynamics, etc… it really helps elevate the performance, almost like in a private lesson. This website has really helped me progress and evolve my guitar playing skills, to the point I feel comfortable recording and making my own YouTube videos.
Julio Agostinho

I just love the way John breaks down the different styles

Learning Guitar Now ticks all the boxes when it comes to improving your guitar playing. I’ve been a member of a few other learning sites but slowly lost interest in them. I’ve learned so much since being a member and I’ll be sticking with John. If you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player and like Clapton, Hendrix, ZZ Top, and the Allman Brothers why would you go anywhere else. His lessons are easy to follow.
John Hampton

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