Eight Bar Blues Rhythm and Solo

Eight Bar Blues Rhythm and Solo

In this course, we’ll learn the rhythm and a solo played over an 8 bar blues. It has kind of a John Mayer Find Another You style vibe. Running time: 75 minutes

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Learning an 8 Bar Blues gives you a bit more of a challenge as the chord progression has more chords than just your standard 12 bar blues I IV V. Learning how to play this type of blues is essential to progressing as a blues player and these type of blues progressions are actually my favorite to play. They sound more melodic and will improve your chord playing and overall phrasing when learning pieces like this.

Lesson Index

Lesson 1 – The Tone and Chord Progression

Lesson 2 – The Rhythm Guitar

Lesson 3 – The Solo

The Rhythm You Will Learn

The Solo You Will Learn

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