Play Like Hendrix

In this Course you’ll learn how to play in the style of Jimi Hendrix by learning some pieces I created inspired by his legendary blues style.


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In this course you’ll learn how to play in the style of Jimi Hendrix. In the first lesson you’ll learn a Jimi Hendrix inspired Ballad piece that contains elements drawn from the tunes May This Be Love and Third Stone From the Sun.

I’ll go over how I got the tone, pedals I recommend for getting this tone, the rhythm guitar breakdown, and the lead guitar analysis.

Lesson Index

Lesson 1 – Tuning and Strings

Lesson 2 – Ballad Style Tone

– Ballad Style Rhythm

– Ballad Style Lead

Lesson 3 Hendrix Train Style ( Coming 2022 )

Lesson 4 Hendrix Red House Style ( Coming 2022 )

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Ballad Style Rhythm and Solo You Will Learn