Play Like Clapton Pt 3

In this course, you’ll learn how to play like Eric Clapton in the style of Three O’ Clock Blues. I’ll show you how I got the tone in the lessons and specific things you can practice to sound more like Slowhand.

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Lesson 1 – Tone
Lesson 2 – Picking Dynamics
Lesson 3 – Using up Strokes
Lesson 4 – Clapton Technique Exercises
Lesson 5 – 24 Bar Three O’ Clock style solo and analysis


  1. jeffetx

    This is a great follow on to two already outstanding lessons. I was really excited when John announced this was coming and it didn’t disappoint. There are some great exercises for developing chops as well as a great section on dynamics. The solo is great, as they typically are from John, and I have incorporated a lot of this lesson into my daily practice routine.

  2. steve_y

    Play like Clapton Part 3 is a great example of the incredible lessons you get from John Tuggle and Learning Guitar Now. Completely detailed so new students can learn to play in the style of Eric Clapton but with advanced technique and theory so the experienced student can up their game as well. What you get from this course goes far beyond learning what notes to play. It teaches you to play with the feeling and style of one of the greatest blues player ever.

  3. andredorien

    Another great lesson from John. I’m glad that I found LGN, I have learned a lot from this guy and the people on the forum.

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