1. Hi John. Always good to watch you on your site very enjoyable and great to learn new stuff ( try to ).Thanks. ……J.P.C………….( spain )

  2. that slide guitar jam is crazy good, i bought a bottle neck last summer, i think slide lead like that is so good but have never been able to master it much (although i have tuned my accoustic down to open G for some Robert Johnson stuff), but when it comes to using my slide on my electric i have trouble specifically with the b and the high e strings. I use a Squire Strat (But it happens to be a very good squire), i use very thin strings and have a very low action on the strings. i have suspected this may be the cause of my issues, but was wondering if you could shed any light on it?

    Also is there any where to download these backing tracks?

    Thanks, DM

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