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Funky Blues Backing Track in C#


Practice your blues guitar licks over this Funky Blues Backing Track in the Key of C#

If you’re interested in seeing how I created this track. Visit this blog post.

If you would like to learn more about playing open e tuning slide guitar, check out my Slide Course in Open E Tuning.

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3 thoughts on “Funky Blues Backing Track in C#”

  1. Hey John, I came here since I saw you being featured on a recent video from Pat Flynn and this page is where I landed first on your site.

    I clicked play on the 2nd video just to see what kind of playing do you do and what you offer for sale here and what the heck man, you’re an INCREDIBLE guitar player!

    Thanks for that rocking performance with the slide, made me smile through the whole video 😉


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