Allman Brothers Style Backing Track in C


  1. I have a 1992 strat natural brown wood finish with a white pick guard and texas specials pickups.
    I’ve change the frets for jumbos and have been pickup hunting now for over a month.
    And I’ve finaly stumble on your cite through fender pickup pubs thank god I did .
    You have done a great job on your strat and have inspire me to do the same
    I’m at my 48 years of guitar playing and man people like you are realy worth while listening to if I see your cd in the store I’m buying it.

    Merci (Thanks)

  2. Hi John,
    You’re doing a great service for all of us who love the Southern Rock groups and especially the Allman Brothers and the 4 great guitarist who played in it. I think a tab lesson with the slide solo of “The High Cost of Low Living” by Derek would be awesome. I really like the job that guy on youtube did using your backing track.

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