1. Great lesson! Loved the rhythmic groove mixed with some cool licks. It comes together for a great sounding piece.

  2. Am I hearing a sublte rotovibe or some chorus effect? Sweet groove and technique.

  3. YOU are the man John. I’ve played guitar since I was 7 years old. I was reading music at 8. I’ve looked all over the internet to learn new styles and sounds. I can say, without reservation, that YOU are the BEST guitar teacher online. I know because I was taking music lessons at 7 years old. By the time I was 15 my band was playing all over Northern Michigan at High School dances. Keep rockin Brother – I appreciate you!

  4. The key with this main riff is getting it down smoothly whilst being funky…….this sounds simplistic but it really grooves once the entire changes are made with the hammer on/major-minor and holding notes along with muting over all the chord changes……….once this is done fluidly it’s super great to jam to!! Jim C.

  5. this is extremely cool man…am digging all your lessons but especially the stevie, jimi, kws, clapton, albert and freddy

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