Fleetwood Mac Style Solo – Podcast 56


  1. I hate to say this – but I can hardly play this video. I thought it was my internet. But I can go to Youtube and watch a whole SRV concert and not miss a beat. I wouldn’t usually make a comment about something like this – but I love your lessons and it’s impossible to watch them.

    • Sorry you’re having problems. You might want to try clearing your browser cache or trying a different browser. I’ve also changed the default resolution for initial plays so let me know if that works.

  2. Hey John – THANKS!!! I was using Chrome. I switched to IE and I can watch the video/s without “pauses”. And thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I want you to know that I really appreciate your guitar lessons. Your the BEST Guitar Instructor online. I should know – I was taking guitar lessons for years – starting at 7 yrs old. Thanks again!

  3. Love this solo! How about a follow up for when he really heats up? It’s a great supplement to my licks bag/styles. Thanks

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