Open E Tuning Slide Guitar Lessons

All of the free open e tuning slide guitar lessons I have created. These are in the style of Derek Trucks an Duane Allman for the most part.

Open E Tuning Slide Guitar

In this lesson, I will show you an Open E Tuning slide guitar lick played in the key of E. This lick comes at the last 4 bars of the 12 bar blues. In this lick I’m utilizing open strings for much of the lick and it will show you the importance of learning how to use open strings when playing open e tuning in the key of E.

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Open E Tuning Slide Guitar Lesson

In this lesson, I will show you a cool Open E Tuning Slide guitar lick that will teach you how to groove and improve your timing skills. Practicing this type of lick will help you to always stay in time and improve your groove skills.

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Duane Allman Slide Guitar Lesson

In this Duane Allman slide guitar lesson, I want to show you a lick similar to what Duane might play over a Statesboro Blues style tune. Duane was the master of the electric slide and knew how to draw some amazing licks from minimal notes using a bottleneck. Less is more is the key to slide guitar in my opinion and Duane was the pioneer of modern electric slide playing.

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Derek Trucks Open E Slide Lesson Part 2

In this lesson, I’m going to show you another Derek Trucks lick from “Key to the Highway”. If you missed the first installment, you can find Part One Here. This slide guitar lick occurring at the intro of the live version of this song from the Songlines Live DVD, is just an amazing slide guitar lick that utilizes some really cool rhythms and positions in open e tuning.

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