1. Goin’ Down Slow by Duane Allman is one of my favorite blues songs. And it’s not about music, it’s about the artist’s soul first of all… and if talking about Duane Allman’s guitar style – there is a big soul involved – and I like it!

  2. Duane Allman was one of the greatest slide guitarists that ever lived. It’s such a shame he passed away so early (24), who knows where he may have taken the world of guitaring to if he had lived to a ripe old age. Nice post, thanks!

  3. Dear John Tuggle,
    Years ago I sold my Les Paul Standard to pay for my rent and I never liked that I did that. It seemed like the day the music died for me.
    Well today I just brought home a beautiful new Les Paul Standard.
    In the past I tried to be grab onto standard tuning but I always gravitate to playing slide and playing Open E tuning. I never got very far with my slide playing but have always thought that if I could get the right kind of help my slide playing would take off.
    My favorite guitars players are Duane, Derek and Dickey! So I super excited to have found your website. It seems like the perfect fit. If I learn to play like Duane, Derek and Dickey I will have died and gone to heaven.
    As soon as I can I plan on ordering that 6 DVD Slide Guitar set and put in the work to get this down.
    Thanx for the product!

  4. I love it when he plays the 7 fret on the second string and bends the 10 fret on the first string OH YA EVERY OTHER NOTE

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