Open G Tuning Slide Guitar Lesson


  1. John: I´ve learned with you the use of open E tuning. I play everything in E tuning because I have just one guitar. So, I found out that this lesson in open G tuning can be played working on the 3rd., 8th, and 10th frets the progression of rhythm, and the riff, on the 15th. fret (2nd. and 3rd. strings) With the slide on three strings (3rd, 4th, and 5th), all played at once, and without open strings, but combining single notes, for the rhythm. I´m glad of this, because I have artritis in my fingers and can´t play the other way. This means that your lesson is very good for me. Thank you very much, John,.

    • Thanks Milton. I’m glad you like the lesson. I’m sure having arthritis is no fun at all. I have a pain in my index finger sometimes which I hope won’t get any worse.

      Thanks for the support.


  2. Hi John, I have all of your DVDs to date and look forward to your Open G lessons. I am a visual artist and a recently retired art teacher. At 64 I am fulfilling my childhood passion to learn to play the guitar. I have played blues harp with numerous bands throughout my life but had a desperate yearning for blues guitar. I took the step when I lost my musician son, to suicide at 29. I inherited his guitars. I started purchasing your DVDs and recently I coincidently purchased a Classic Vibe tele, then you come out with your proposed Open G lessons. Serendipity! I didn’t have a clue when I started, but am amazed what I can now do, and can actually follow what you are teaching and also play along with my muso friends, something I never dreamed would happen. What a buzz. Thank you John for your lessons.
    John K

    • Sorry to hear that John. I’m sure that was hard. I’m glad you like the lessons I’ve put out and they’re allowing you to learn guitar.

      Let me know how you’re coming along with it.



  3. i wish that i could order the slides guitar from you but i am 57 years old .and show my self how to play the guitar . and being through 4 guitar teachers and all 4 of them left me hanging after they got the money .so i am going to m MORE CAREFUL now than i have before. would like to order these cd,s from you but after being burnt like i have makes me watch more now than before.

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