Open E Tuning Slide Guitar Lesson


  1. John, I enjoyed your standard tuning course, — actually bought it to adapt finger noted techniques without the slide to change up my “noodling”, so to speak. I avoided Open tuning since, though like it, didn’t get which *one to start with. So, possibly a “silly” question — if one were to start open tuning slide, without a “preference” to “sound like” anyone which one should one consider over another and why? I’ve searched this online, and it seems one Key of Tuning is/was used since a capo can simply be used to change key/tuning and possibly why the old “masters” picked it, so they could pay the rent that night (meaning, serious and practical about what they did, not fooling around with sounding like/coolness, etc.)

    So we have Standard Tuning Slide, Open C, D, E, G and A. Again, so, regardless of not caring to sound like anyone, but to “learn it” and move on from there, why one and why?

    Best regards.
    PS: really enjoying the Master Blues Bundle just signed up for — can’t wait for the DVD’s to come; but do have plenty to engage with downloads, until they arrive.

    • Thanks! It really depends on what you want to sound like. I like Open G, and Open E about the same, but it depends on the sound I’m going for.

      For me, open e tuning is more Duane and Derek Style and open g tuning is more Ry Cooder, old blues country style. Some people may disagree but this is the way I see it and hear it in my head.

      Hope that helps.


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