Slidn’ the Blues

In this Course I want to show you new right hand techniques, a strength building exercise, Rhythm guitar in Open E, and how to play the full song I wrote entitled Movin’ On. Running time is 3.5 hours.



In this Course you’re going to learn how to play the complete Movin On song in Open E Tuning. In addition to the complete song you learn, you will see how to play play rhythm guitar in open e tuning, as well as how to improvise over a 12 bar blues. A new way of using your right hand to get a warmer tone, and a must know exercise to develop right hand strength, precision, and endurance is also taught.

Lesson Index

Disc 1

Lesson 1 Getting a Warmer Tone with your Right Hand
Lesson 2 Tremolo picking like Derek Trucks
Lesson 3 Improvising Rhythm in Open E
Lesson 4 Movin On Rhythm Guitar
Movin On Tone Lesson

Disc 2

Lesson 1 Movin On Guitar Solo Lesson
Lesson 2 Movin On Outro Lesson

This Course Includes

3.5 Hours of Video
25 Pages of PDF Tabs
2 Backing Tracks
Guitar Pro Files

Free Lesson 1

Free Lesson 2

Learn this Complete Song


  1. All the dvds you made

    I am a guitar player of over 40 years of experience. Played in a lot of bands, was a session bass, mandolin, keyboeard and guitar player in studio for a few years.

    Played slide in bands but didn’t use it much because I knew I didn’t have the basic, still do in fact, still working on it :).

    Thanks John for your DVD’s. Makes my learning a lot easier.

    Have a goo day.

  2. slidn’ the blues

    I like your no bull teaching, clear and concise. I feel that if I just keep going with it, I’ll get there. Thanks, Jamie

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