Play Like Clapton

In this Course you will learn 53 licks in the style of Clapton as well as his vibrato style, 3 Exercises, and Eric Clapton Mannerisms that make his sound unique. Running time is 5 hours.

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In this Course, I want to show you how to mimic Eric Clapton’s legendary blues style by learning his vibrato style, exercises, mannerisms, and 53 licks spanning 4 decades of classic Clapton. I will also teach you how to achieve Clapton’s tone for each of the sections of licks. Each section has a different sound associated with the licks and you’ll learn exactly how to get the sound in the lessons.

Lesson Index

Lesson 1 Eric Clapton Mannerisms
Lesson 2 3 Exercises
Lesson 3 Eric Clapton Vibrato
Lesson 4 9 Hideaway Style Licks
Lesson 5 13 Reconsider Style Licks
Lesson 6 11 Before You Accuse Me Style Licks
Lesson 7 20 Have You Ever Loved a Woman Style Licks.

This Course Includes

5 Hours of Lessons
27 pages of PDF Tabs
5 mp3 Backing Tracks

Have You Ever Style

Reconsider Style

Learn 53 Licks

In addition to learning Clapton Techniques, you will learn 53 licks in 4 different styles in the course.


  1. Art M.—CA

    Clapton Dbl DVD Review

    Ok, so I’m only into the Exercises right now, but like another review by a Mike P. the triplets lesson caught me by surprise when I had to run up and down the neck from high to low E’s, WOW, so worth the investment; cheap when one considers the rates one would pay for private lessons. If you love Clapton, I highly recommend this dbl DVD set by John Tuggle. The visual clarity, John’s easy to follow examples and the PDF downloads along with backing tracks make for an excellent teaching that the student can do at their own leisure over and over again. I’ve tried other instructors, and after studying John’s via YouTube freebies, I became hooked on his instruction style. Looking forward to buying other DVD instructions.

  2. Andrew Klaich—Buffalo, NY

    Blues Course and Clapton

    I have purchased the “Master the Blues” and “Clapton” courses. I cannot say how great these DVD’s are. I have seen my playing go to the next level and they really opened up certain ways I now approach the fretboard. I would call myself an intermediate guitar player. I have been playing for several years and practice about an hour a day. I am now playing “Have you Ever Loved A Woman” and putting in licks that sound like live Clapton. I have received many compliments about my playing since working through these DVD’s. The Blues Course has allowed me to overcome a few obstacles in my playing. I can now play licks that move up and down the neck instead of playing in one position for a bit and then staying in another positon for a bit. I can transition from each position in a fluent, melodic manner. I am now playing over the changes instead of just playing one scale over all chords (Makes a huge difference). I can now mix the major, minor and blues scales all together. All in all great quality and packed with information. I would easily purchase more DVDs from Learning Guitar Now. I learn more in one DVD than I do in 10 lessons with a private instructor.

  3. Kevin Ryan—Chicago

    Play Like Clapton

    This DVD set is flat out phenomenal. Rather than taking the normal route of showing the five basic pentatonic patterns and a few tabbed out solos, John gives exercises and examples on getting the rhythm of Clapton’s soloing technique down stone cold (which is hugely important and sadly missing in many books and other “how-to” lessons). Also, I love the focus that John places on Clapton’s vibrato with the dual camera angles so you can see exactly what to from both sides of the fretboard.
    As a huge Clapton fan, this is invaluable due to the “above and beyond” amount of work put into this set. If you need to get to the bottom of Clapton’s technique, vibrato, and phrasing, this is the set that you need.

  4. BlueCajun—Houston, Texas

    Buying this course is a no-brainer!

    I’m only about half way through the Hideaway style licks. But admittedly I’ve been taking my time. So far this is a great course. I especially loved the lessons on Clapton style vibrato, including bend vibrato. I’ve always struggled to control my bend vibrato. Using the technique shown by John, I have so much more control now. John also does a nice job of describing and showing the gear and settings he uses to get the correct tone for a given song. I highly recommend buying this course, especially given the price. It’s a steal!

  5. Dave—Charleston, SC

    My favorite practice

    I only wish I had more time to practice. I look forward to my Play Like Eric Clapton DVDs more than any other practice modality I possess. The licks you selected are among the best EC Blues licks and its really a blast to master something that seemed previously out of reach. Practicing these licks has dramatically increase my repertoire of Blues phrasing and knowledge of the fretboard.

    The lessons are well organized and indexed. The context of each lick is explained. The licks are presented several ways including imbedded in the song, in slow motion and accompanied by tab and musical notation and then broke down into easily absorbable pieces.
    I can’t say enough. Congrats John. Thanks from your many grateful students. Keep up the good work

  6. Michael M—New Jersey

    Clapton Lessons are great!

    As usual, John hit a homerun with the Clapton lessons. John really catches the nuances in Mr. Clapton’s playing. The licks are presented in such a way that it’s really easy to incorporate any one – or all of them – into your current style of playing. Thanks, John, and keep up the good work!

  7. mark dupere—Chicago

    great lessons

    if you want those licks like clapton
    which gives you a wealth of licks to
    play with. this is the site.
    it has increased my playing of fills
    on my own songs that improved my playing.
    from these licks there is no stopping you
    from creating your own and to build on claptons style




  9. MICHAEL E—College Park, MD


    As an experienced guitar player there is a lot here to study and learn. I find that I have been playing Clapton for years but have had a problem with the timing and this program has helped me overcome many of my errors. Good package. Downfall. Well I wish it was much longer as I can easily spend more time on it. I would love to see John add a second course dedicated to the licks of the From the Cradle album which I feel is a blues masterpiece and scorching blues leads. I would not recommend cause whey would I want other guitar players to play better than me. Oh well!!! LOL!

  10. Fran—Bensalem, PA

    Play Like Clapton

    The lessons are great. I’ve been getting a lot of nice comments from my bandmates about my solo’s. The lessons have really helped. John’s playing is exactly what I am trying to get to.

  11. Russ—Colorado Springs

    Clapton Demystified!

    If you want to know the nances of Clapton’s phrasing, then this is THE course. The production of these DVDs and TAB are first rate. John’s easy going style shines through in his explanations and demonstrations. The demo-slow demo-TAB play through format makes learning a breeze. I used this course to “dip my toe” into Learning Guitar Now’s products. The course far exceeded my expectations, so I purchased two more courses! I look forward to having John teach me some slide work!

  12. Ken Jones—Liverpool, England

    Play Like Clapton recommended

    There was no delay with the post. The DVD is a great learning tool, especially the slow motion clips. I’m about a quarter of the way through it. My problem is I’ve already got my own style and I tend to revert back to it. I need to learn to blend the two. Many thanks ken

  13. Sean Harold—San Francisco


    John is the man. Also, my fingers hurt.

    In all seriousness, these lessons have changed the way I have been used to playing for years, and have made me a competent slide player in addition to enriching my riff vocabulary for Clapton and Blues styles. It has redefined what I thought hard work and practice was, and that is a good thing as I am not a lazy player!

    Thanks a lot John, keep it up!

  14. Leila—Toronto, Canada

    Play like Clapton

    I wish you played all the licks together of each style to help with the timing.

  15. Bill Whaley—Delmar, New York

    Play Like Clapton

    Play Like Clapton is an excellent program! John Tuggle can play and he can teach! to get the real clapton bluesbreaker vibe you need the vibrato. john clearly demonstrates and explains clapton’s expressive vibrato technique with clear explanation at various speeds. john gives recommendation on settings for the amps, pedals and tone and volume settings on the guitar so you can get that tone we’re all looking for. the hideaway style licks are also tasty. there is excellent tablature available on the CD disc which also appears in the DVD. john demonstrates each lick at tempo and at slower speeds multiple times and give very helpful tips on finger placement. john also plays the underlying chord progression and explains where each lick fits into the chord progression. each lick is shown in split screen showing the picking hand and the fretting hand as each lick is played. all in all, this is a high quality production and i would recommend it for anyone intersted in playing clapton’s style or any kind of blues. thanks john for making available such a quality product!

  16. David Obal—Olney,Md

    Play Like Clapton

    I really enjoy the DVD on Play Like Clapton. I consider myself an Intermediate player. I have made great strides in leaning my favorite guitar player, Eric Clapton’s style.
    I would be interested in more Clapton techniques..
    Thanks for checking on me.

  17. Jacek—Warsaw, Poland

    Eric Clapton lessons

    Your lessons are the best on the subject I have ever encountered. I have been trying to improve my blues playing for many years and with your help (EC lessons included) I have really made a significant step ahead. Dickey Betts and Slide in E are going to be the next ones – probably end of 2012 / beginning of 2013 :).

  18. Jim Jones—Dalzell, SC

    The real deal

    John is the real deal and so are his lessons. Not easy, but atainable.

    I have been playing most of my life, and these lessons are helping me take my playing to the next level.

  19. Brent Wheeler in Dunedin, New Zealand

    Great value for serious musicians

    This course is demanding but fulfilling. The material taught is very authentic, covers several periods of Clapton’s development, unlocks the chops and lines needed to produce the style.

    There is no shirking from the work you need to do here – but with a great result in sight and the tools for the journey I strongly recommend it.

  20. Kiwiclapton in New Zealand

    Kiwiclapton can now play like Clapton, thanks John.

    Hi guys, this DVD works, it’s an insight into that famous player and a look at getting the tone. I promise if you put the effort into studying this DVD by John you will nail it.

    Cheers John.

  21. Alan Warner in ESSEX, England

    I have found this a cracking Blues Master breakdown Product……Clapton unravelled….

    Favourite artist broken down … well… to add in-site … ever thought of early Pete Green John….

  22. Alan in Chelmsford

    John thanks for the efforts, they are worthwhile, as I have found your style of teaching, and approach to a musician, as diverse, as Clapton in his blues feeds…. (I am a great fan of his)… as nothing short as astonishing.

    Your 5/5 in method, accuracy, ease to convey the subject matter.


  23. Pablo Helman in San Francisco, CA


    I love your lessons!!! They are clear, focused and paced. The concepts escalate so I can build on what I learned and it’s not just “licks”, I can see the lesson in the music context.

    One thing you can think about is: it would really help me if the backing tracks showed me where I am in the song (a simple “I, IV, V…” on the screen would do) because when you’re learning the different parts, sometimes you loose track and you don’t know if you’re 3 beats into the “I” chord and go to “IV” next or “V” or whatever comes next. Makes sense?
    But GREAT lessons!
    pablo –

  24. Mike D in Orlando Fl


    My licks were boring… My style stale…..Along comes John and how to play like my favorite guitarist…. Clapton! POW!

    I’m learning new tricks and playing techniques. John makes it easy and puts a lot of work into his lessons. Quite simply he is the best teacher I found online…period!

    Thanks John !

  25. John B in San Jose Costa Rica

    Clapton Course

    Very practical material and first rate production. I have been working on the Before You Accuse me licks for several weeks now.

    Besides sounding great, learning the licks also helps with building your speed and timing in a fun practical way not boring exercises.

    I have seen other Clapton courses, licks etc but this course has really nailed the Clapton Cream/BluesBreakers sound.

    It also goes into amp and guitar settings, which is very helpful. Most importantly the licks are presented in context and in several different ways making then easier to learn. I am really looking forward to tackling the other grooves in the course.

    This has been one of the most practical and useful courses for Blues for my growth as a Blues player. Thanks for putting this together John

  26. Jim in PA

    I am an intermediate player and these lessons are taking me to the next level very well thought out and presented.

  27. Sherman Worley in Encinitas Ca

    I have purchased a few DVD Lessons from you, and I am very happy with them all. I very much like your style of teaching, and I can learn from them. I will purchase more in the future.

    Well done John

  28. Matt Cohen

    I have been a guitar player for 20 years. The blues is what drew me in and it is what keeps me going. After 20 years I realized that I am in a slump and it was hard to get out of it. Then, by chance, I found this website from a YouTube video. This has sparked new energy, creativity, and excitement in me and in my playing. I have to say, the two courses I have worked on have taken my level of playing to another level. After listening to John’s introductory remarks and techniques on “Play Like Clapton” I jumped right to “Have You Ever Loved a Woman” solo. I am still working on it. John captures the essence of Clapton at its finest and I am taking my time to really study this material and incorporate it into my own playing and improv (it has now become a big part of my style). I especially love how John takes you through the licks step-by-step. It really helps fine tune the solo and I have found this to be the best learning style for me.The Freddie King solo is superb! I bought it a couple of weeks ago and I have worked on it every day. I am having a blast with it! Quite frankly, there is enough material in these two lessons to last years! That said, I have my eyes on the “Play Like Dickey Betts series” to which I will most likely progress soon!

  29. Terry Noonan

    I’ve purchased a number of courses from John including Play Like Eric Clapton/ B.B. King and several other items. John is an excellent communicator and guitarist. He obviously puts the work in to ensure that the student gets the most from his lessons. He is clearly a great guitar player but his videos are not set out to show off just how good he is but to show you, the student, how to play things. He tells you what to concentrate on and gives those little insights which are invaluable. I’ve had courses from several instructors and John is definitely up there with the best. If you want to shred at a thousand miles an hour probably better go somewhere else. If you want to learn how to play beautiful melodic solos, achieve great vibrato, play sympathetic bends and all in various styles of the greats, John’s your man.

  30. Murat

    Great Content, Exercises are very easy to implement in your own playing style. John presents very good licks, clearly all Clapton influenced. He doesn’t just show you how to play the lick but also where to play the lick over which chord. The are plenty of Clapton nuances in this course, with his vibrato and bending techniques. Jamtracks and Tabs are all high quality material, this is a great value for money course.

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I’ve been playing in bands since 1974 when I was 17. They’ve been more or less successful over time, earning enough scratch to keep me interested. Blues has always been at the top of my list, and I got by on basic rhythm techniques and the occasional lead. “Good enough” to get by, but I was never satisfied.

I’ve tried dozens of instructors, all sorts of how-to books/DVDs/online programs…nothing seemed to click. When you hear a good blues guitar player, the distinction between good enough and great is huge. I’ve found a few online, but too many talk talk talk and play little. When I discovered Learning Guitar Now, I realized it was different on this site. First, John can PLAY. On videos where he turns it loose, you see and hear someone that gets it. But what makes his site different than the rest just regurgitating variations of the same theme is that he wants YOU to get it.

If you want to pick and choose your lessons…fine. If you want to start from scratch and build competency in technique…fine. If you want to talk to him on the forum and have a REAL exchange of ideas or ask for advice…he’s there. The lesson curriculum is huge, his freebies on YouTube vast, and his continued enthusiasm to help you become a better blues guitarist is non-wavering.

You’re not on his site to learn theory or the fretboard, although he does touch on these when necessary. You are there to play guitar. Play what you love in the style of your favorite artists or just improvising. Play, learn the phrases, the timing, the technique and you WILL get better. I’m 64 as I write this. Still playing. The difference now is I’m getting better. Good enough doesn’t cut it for me now.

When I hit a phrase just right, the audience actually pauses on that beat. The beauty of the blues just poured through my fingertips if only for a moment. Right now I’m focused on some of the Allman Brothers material. It takes me home. Sometimes, when I daydream, I see me on that stage with them, holding my own. Thanks JohnT, you’ve kept the blues alive for this old timer!

John White

I am pleased to say that I can now play a reasonable lead solo

I’m a pretty good acoustic guitar player who has always wanted to play electric blues lead. I have used quite a few other online tutoring sites some more successful than others but still didn’t manage to get it. Until, that is, I found Learning Guitar Now. With John’s tutoring style and a great website full of great courses I am pleased to say that I can now play a reasonable lead solo and I’m improving all the time. I love the way John plays guitar. It’s exactly how I’d like to play but he is very clear that you need to practice to get there. John is a very straight talker to lays out what you need to do to play blues lead and that is practice. He is also very encouraging by saying that you can do it but don’t kid yourself that buying the course will make you a great player if you don’t follow John’s useful and straight forward advice. So thank you John for everything. I get so much enjoyment from playing and see myself improving each month.

Dik McFarlane

He covers all the great blues and rock guitarists

LGN is an incredible resource for anyone wanting to get better at playing the blues. Working through John’s lessons will get you better at improvising, help with techniques like bending, slides, raking, and vibrato. He covers all the great blues and rock guitarists and some that you may not have studied previously. I highly recommend the All Access Pass to anyone who loves playing guitar!


John uses the latest tools available

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