Play Like BB King

In this Course, you will learn how to play like BB King by learning licks, scales, patterns, his vibrato techniques and more. Running time is 2.5 hours.

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In this Course, I will show you how to achieve his masterful vibrato style, why the BB licks work over certain chords in the 12 bar blues, and how to successfully blend major and minor scales. If you have been struggling to play in the BB King style, then this course will show you EXACTLY what you need to know to play like him.

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This Course includes

2.5 Hours of video
9 pages of PDF Tabs
3 backing tracks

But BB King licks are easy, I’d rather learn fast licks.

This is false. Harmonically and rhythmically, BB is the master of the blues period. His licks will add a new dimension to your playing if you work through the lessons. Although not technical, his licks are based more on theory than other blues guitar players.

But all you have to know is the BB Box, right?”

No. Most people who think this is all that BB plays are sadly mistaken. If you listen to Live at the Regal, you will hear a wealth of licks that are not contained in the BB box.

Lesson Index

Lesson 1 4 Patterns to play like BB King
Lesson 2 How to combine Major and Minor
Lesson 3 Master the BB King Vibrato
Lesson 4 11 BB King licks
Lesson 5 BB King Style Guitar Solo
Tone Lesson

Solo You Will Learn

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