Blues Method Supplement


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Learn 10 Beginner/Intermediate licks and a solo to accompany the Blues Guitar Method 1 Course.

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This course contains a Beginner/Intermediate blues solo and 10 licks to practice with. The solo and licks taught are examples you can use from the concepts you learn in my Blues Guitar Method.

  • Running Time – 115 Minutes of Video
  • 10 Pages of PDF Tabs
  • 1 Backing Track
  • Guitar Pro Files

The Solo You Learn

Licks You Will Learn


  1. Ivan Stergulc

    Hi John

    I really do like all of your lessons and work on the ones I have pretty regularly. Although I do find most of them a little challenging for my skill level (late beginner-early intermediate, I found that the Blues Method Supplement seems to be a perfect fit for my playing level. Both technically and in terms of playing at tempo.

    I see now that you have a new supplement course comming out with the same concept but with a shuffle feel. I’m looking forward to that course also. I hope you continue to come up with more of the same material with the same skill level in mind in the future.

    Thanks for a great course.

  2. Stephen Pounder

    I had already bought the two blues method courses, that this new course supplements. I found them both extremely helpful with my playing, and this new course is an excellent extension.
    The licks and solo make great use of the skills I now posses thanks to the first two courses. Though it has to be said the supplement course can easily be used as a stand alone to take you’re blues playing to new levels.
    The licks and solo are filmed from 2 angles in HD quality and are explained very well as to how to play them and where they fit in a 12 bar blues progression, it has helped my playing immensely and is well worth the money.

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