Slow Blues Guitar Lick in C


  1. Paolo264 from Twitter…

    Great riff but once again the tone is amazing.

    Question: how loud is the amp when you do these lessons? I struggle to get tone like this at a low volume…

    • Thanks. I was kinda going for a modern Peter Green type sound. The amp was on 4 but I was also using a Weber attenuator to lower the volume even more. The Maxon OD 808 really smooths out the tone as well.

  2. Cool. Now that you say Peter Green, the riff is similar to the opening of “Someday after a while” when green was a blues breaker.

    Do you like Mick Taylor? He was awesome in the bluebreakers and the stones. Superb player and sweet vibrato too.

    Last question: what was the volume level on the Maxon OD?

  3. John, do you still publish the tabs for the podcast lessons? If so, how do I find them.

  4. Hi John, hope you remember me. I took lessons from you in athens. Just wanted to say hi and update you on my progress. I now play in a motown (r&b) cover band called Dwight wilson and classic city soul. I started out playing some rhythm guitar but now i’m playing the bass. I still follow your website and lessons, i think they are great. You have opened so many doors for me that gave me the confidence to know i could accomplish my dreams of playing with a live band. I’m 56 now, don’t give up on your dreams. Thanks alan P.S. let me know if you ever play or come to athens. I see your friend big c all the time

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