Jimi Hendrix, SRV, and John Mayer Style Lick

In this lesson I want to show you a Jimi Hendrix style lick using the major pentatonic scale. This lick has been used by SRV, and John Mayer as well in such songs as Lenny, and Gravity.

I first heard this lick in the Jimi Hendrix tune “May This Be Love”. It’s a great way to use the Major Pentatonic scale and you can see directly how SRV, and John Mayer were influenced by this Hendrix Lick.

Setup for this lesson.

Guitar – 1979 Fender Strat with Texas Specials
Amp 1966 Fender Vibrolux
Attenuator – Weber

Volume – 6
Bass – 9
Treble – 9
Reverb – 4
Weber – 7

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  1. Great lesson. Thanks very much.
    I guess you could also use your slide here also.

  2. Open G guitar, now we’re talking, instant Keef! Hope you’ll include some slide in that.

  3. Great Lesson John ! I believe BB King also uses a lot of Maj. Pent. riffs and licks. Right? Hoping to see some more interesting blues licks and lessons from you in the future. Thanks !

  4. That is awesome John, loving the feel of it.. I wonder if you’ll mind if I invite everyone to come jam at http://www.jamtracksmania.com – it’s got loads of different scales, genres (incl. Blues!!) represented..it’s all free of course.. anyways, thanks again – you rock!

  5. In A Big Country by Big Country. : )
    Great work John.

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