Dobro Lesson

| Skill Level:Intermediate

In this lesson, I want to show you a Dobro lesson that comes from my Open G Tuning Guitar Course. This actual lesson is not in the course. It’s just a simplified version of the full lessons taught in the course.

This type of dobro lick is similar to one being used by Robert Johnson in “Crossroads” and can be played in many variations. This is played in open g tuning over the I Chord G.

To play this in the key of A, you would simply use a capo and move the notes up respectively. This lick will give you that real Delta blues sound when playing the blues, and it’s not that hard to play either.

It’s critical that you practice repeating the lick over and over again to get the feel of it. Just keep repeating it until you feel very comfortable with it.

You can learn more about my Open G Tuning Course here.

Thanks for checking out the video.


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  1. I am very excited for the open G course. The addition of chords in this course is what I am looking for. Thanks in advaced!

  2. Hello John,

    Possibly ironic? 🙂 but this lesson help me in standard tuning… simply grab a guitar, did not change tuning, did a E-style Bar on G, 3rd fret… and jumped from the treble E to the 7th, and etc. … funny how that works out. Well…, as long as it does.

    But, yes a different vibe from Dobro and Open tuning… yet, good to connect the dots so to speak to!

    Again, all the best, thank you.

  3. Hi John,
    Can you tell me which strings do you use with this Beard Goldtone ?
    Thanks a lot !
    Regards from France 🙂

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