How to Play Like BB King

In this free guitar lesson I will show you how to start playing like the blues guitar master himself, BB King.

To learn more about playing like BB King, please check out my course Play Like BB King.

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  1. Great lesson. Do you have an entire dvd on B.B. King style licks? I’d love to buy it if you do.

  2. never mind, I just found and purchased the bb king dvd.

  3. Do you have to adjust the truss rod when you go from open E to standard tuning on that SG, and did/do you leave your 11’s on it?

  4. Glad to hear that because it is consistent with what I found; I had to tighten my truss rod on my ’61 SG RI when going up to 11’s and open E tuning. Thanks for the validation.

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