Blues and Slide Guitar Lessons

Learn how to play blues and slide guitar in the style of Clapton, Allman, BB, Hendrix, and more.

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Become a member and get access to ALL the videos at Learning Guitar Now. Learn how to improvise over the blues as well as Artist studies such as Clapton, Allman, BB, and many more.

Master the Blues

The most popular bundle of video lessons I have ever made. With these lessons, thousands of students have learned how to start improvising instead of memorizing their way through the blues.

Open E Tuning Slide

Learn exactly how to start playing slide guitar in open e tuning like Duane Allman and Derek Trucks by using my step by step method for mastering these difficult techniques.

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Customer Feedback

John has really got me excited about my future of slide playing.

In just the first hour of these lessons, he presents enough patterns and chords to fill hours of unguided, independent practice, improvising and exploration.

Bryan K


I really enjoy John’s teaching style – after watching a good number of YouTube clips, it’s what convinced me to purchase the bundle.

He’s very detailed and explains well without over talking. Very appreciate his diverse skills in a number of guitar soloing (blues) techniques. Highly recommend. Michael M

John’s Lessons are the best I’ve ever had. I stopped playing professionally 27 years ago…wife, kids and all but I never could lose the thought of playing guitar.

John’s lessons show you the magic of playing blues guitar. Really excellent work, I’m back to where I left off and much, much better. Thank you for the gift of unlocking music.

Robert C

New York

It seems everybody claims to teach but simply shows what they know. There is a vast difference between the two.

John breaks it down step by step which gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace and actually come away with many more skills than you started with.

Steve D

New York

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