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Blues and Slide Guitar Lessons in the style of Clapton, King, Allman, and more.

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Master the Blues

Learn the “must know” blues techniques and concepts to make your playing sound more professional and to confidently be able to improvise through a 12 bar blues.

Play Like Clapton

Learn how to play in the style of the most Legendary Blues Players ever in this full course about playing like Slowhand. Complete with tabs, backing tracks, and more.

Master Slide Guitar

Learn exactly how to start playing slide guitar in Open E, Open G, and Standard Tuning by using my step by step method for mastering these difficult techniques.

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Recently Added

Clapton I’m Tore Down Style Lick

Clapton I’m Tore Down Style Lick

In this free lesson you’ll learn how to play a lick in the style of Eric Clapton from his Tore Down Shuffle Blues. This free lesson is an excerpt from my Play Like Clapton Pt 2. To learn more about playing in the Clapton style check out my full course about...
F Groovin Blues

F Groovin Blues

The Solo for October is a Groovin’ blues using my Strat with some intense raking. You need to be an All Access Pass Subscriber to bookmark/favorite this...

Customer Reviews

Tom M in Massachusetts

TommThis website is where it’s at if you’re really looking to learn blues in many different styles in an easy laid back way. Here me out for 20 seconds, I don’t get paid to write this I pay John every month and it’s so worth it.I found other sites to be too busy with too many teachers. I didn’t want to learn metal, jazz, classical or anything else so why pay for it. I already knew how to play guitar, and I wanted to really dive into learning different styles of blues. If you’re serious about learning blues and being a well rounded guitar player I recommend “Learning Guitar Now”.

Terry Kurash in Canada

TerryFor anyone wanting to learn how to play classic blues, this site and the material is unbelievable, John knows his stuff, is a GREAT teacher, and he puts out so much material for you that is sooo good. You get more than your money’s worth…and it’s so much fun learning it.

Chaz in Raymond NH

I’ve been playing for 45 years. Done many live gigs, but always looking to expand my playing. I recently bought both of your Clapton Lessons. I saw him with Cream in Denver a long time ago — so suffice to say he’s been a big time influence. So every once in a while I go back to the Clapton “Well.” I do that mostly for the phrasing. The nuance, timing and feel come naturally at this point, but I’ve never had his “vocabulary” at my beck and call. You’ve nailed everything I’ve been looking for. I’ve been woodshedding like crazy. I just had to stop playing long enough to send you my best wishes. You’ve always had high standards but this is off the charts. Thanks!

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Make a decision today to improve your blues skills. With over 20 years of teaching experience I want to show you what I have learned that will really help your playing. It’s also a lot more fun when you can play the things you enjoy on guitar.

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