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Slide and Blues Guitar Lessons

If you’re into Clapton, BB King, and Duane Allman you’ve come to the right place. I’ve spent years playing the blues and I want to show you what I’ve learned along the way. Get started today with my Premium or Free Lessons.

Duane Allman Style Lesson is Here!

Cross-To-Bear-BlogIn my New Premium Course you’ll learn how to play a complete solo in the style of Duane Allman that is similar to Not My Cross To Bear by the Allman Brothers Band Read more

– 1.5 Hour Download
– Instant Access
– 8 pages of Tabs
– 1 Backing Track
– Guitar Pro Files

Best Selling Premium Courses


Blues Guitar Method – Blues improvising and concepts


Blues Techniques – Vibrato, raking, muting and more


Blues Guitar Method 2 – Learn the How and Why of Improvising

slide-homeSlide in Open E – Open E Slide like Duane and Derek

Free Lessons

Free Guitar LessonsStart learning blues and slide guitar right now. Check out nearly 100 free blues guitar lessons

The LGN Blog

BlogRead articles about practicing, tone, and mindset at the LGN Blog

Backing Tracks

Backing TracksPractice your blues and slide guitar licks over these high quality blues backing tracks

Recent Customer Reviews

Hands down the best lesson I have found. It gave me what I needed: An easy approach to learning the important notes and phrasing when playing over blues progressions. Great exercises to combine the different boxes in both minor and major pentatonic. And John is a great teacher imho. These lessons are the best to get the basics of blues. – Marcus in Denmark

Excellent starter for electric slide

I am very impressed with John’s teaching and materials in the Open E course. He is very clear, and the double angle lets the student see exactly what he is doing with BOTH hands (the right hand is very critical in slide, but if often overlooked in the excitement of the slidy left hand moves).

He does things often enough to let you see them clearly and then moves on, and the tab lessons are a good backup. The audio files are great to practice and jam along to, and he gets to the ‘Derek Trucks rake’ sound very quickly – I have puzzled over this for ages without success, but am now on the way to getting it down.

This course is excellent value for the budding Duane/Derek electric slide player. – Mark in London England

We all know blues is about playing with feeling, and John’s lessons unlock a code that allows you to focus on feeling instead of memorization. You will enjoy countless hours of improvisation, and I am not just talking about playing those old familiar box patterns. You will be able to escape the box (literally and figuratively) and create your own melodies and licks that really sound good!

After studying this material, my improvisational sessions will never be the same! – Bryan K

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