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At Learning Guitar Now you’ll find Premium and Free blues and slide guitar lessons. While there are plenty of free lessons on the site, I put a lot more thought and effort into my Premium Lessons. Think of it like this, the free videos are like random bricks in the yard with no structure, while the Premium Lessons contain bricks that build upon one another that form a complete foundation.

My Best Selling Premium Course


Blues Guitar Method – Blues improvising and concepts for solos


Blues Techniques – Vibrato, raking, muting and more


Play Like Clapton – Learn how to play like this Blues Legend

Home-featured-Open-EOpen E Tuning Slide – Open E Slide like Duane and Derek

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Recent Customer Reviews

I would sit in front of the TV watching the news and run through the exercises until they became mindless and thoughtless. My wife has commented many times that she can not believe the difference in my playing and she is a tough critic. If you are thinking of buying this course I recommend it, it will not replace practice though. You have to play, play play and then play some more. The more I learn and the more I am able to play the more I want to learn and play some more!” - John in Merritt Island Fl

Lost but now found. I felt like I was in a rut with no help to reach my desired goal to play slide in the Derek Trucks style. My wife bought me a SG knowing I had been trying to learn since 1999. But gave up…then John’s videos came out and I made sure to stay on track and have never looked back. I have finally reached a level that never would have been possible without John’s slide videos. – Jesse Canarte in Pittsburg, Kansas

Well done my man. Like most others have said, and I’ll paraphrase here, “I’ve purchased other material too that has not brought so far in such a quick time.” This course is pure Magic. To those reading this, if you want to learn how to play and understand the blues, get this course. It has truly change my guitar world.

PS. I really can’t put my guitar down now. It is the first thing I go to in the morning, after work, eating breakfast. I love it. Talk to my wife and she’ll say it is with me all the time. Yup, it is around my neck right now. – DC Reeks in Scottsdale, AZ

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