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Learn how to improvise Blues and Slide in the style of Eric Clapton, BB King, Duane Allman, and more with my video guitar lessons. I want to see you playin’ the blues. Let’s get started. – John W Tuggle
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Back in March of 2008 when the site was first starting, Gibson contacted me to see if they could use some of my slide guitar lessons teaching open e tuning on their site.

I was thrilled and said yes of course!

Shortly after they put me on their site with a picture of me and Duane Allman on the same page.

Gibson seemed to really like my open e tuning slide lessons and I think you will too.

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Mr Banker Lynyrd Skynyrd Style Slide Lesson

Mr Banker Lynyrd Skynyrd Style Slide Lesson

In this slide guitar lesson I want to show you how to play a mini Open E Tuning solo in the style Mr Banker by Lynyrd Skynyrd. This lesson is in the key of E. The Tab, Backing Track, Video Download, 2nd Camera Angle, and Interactive Tab are available Here for All...

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