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Blues and slide guitar lessons in the style of Clapton, BB King, SRV, Duane Allman and more.

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Master the Blues

In this Bundle you’ll learn the techniques, concepts, and skills that will give you the ability to start improvising instead of memorizing your way through a 12 bar blues.

Play Like Clapton

Learn how to play in the style of one of the most Legendary Blues Players ever in this full course about playing the Eric Clapton. Complete with tabs and backing tracks.

Open E Tuning Slide

Learn exactly how to start playing slide guitar in open e tuning like Duane Allman and Derek Trucks by using my step by step method for mastering these difficult techniques.

The All Access Pass

Get access to ALL the courses plus a whole lot more with the Access Pass. Includes nearly 90 hours of premium blues video training.

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Recently Added

Slow Blues in A w/vox

Slow Blues in A w/vox

Practice along with this slow blues in A with vocals from my buddy Clarence. Learn How To Play Like Clapton, BB, SRV and MoreOver 1,000 Step by Step lessons to help you play in the style of the most legendary blues guitar players.Join Now You can download this track...
20 Minor Licks Free Lesson Excerpt

20 Minor Licks Free Lesson Excerpt

In this free lesson you’ll learn how to play a lick in the style of SRV’s Tin Pan Alley.  I think this is a killer lick in the key of B and utilizes some key aspects of playing over a minor blues.  This lesson is an excerpt from my 20 Minor Blues Licks...

Ready to Start Learning the Blues?

Make a decision today to improve your blues skills. With over 20 years of teaching experience I want to show you what I have learned that will really help your playing. It’s also a lot more fun when you can play the things you enjoy on guitar.

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