For All Tunings – Slide Techniques

For All Tunings – Slide Techniques

In this course, you’ll learn the basics of playing slide guitar for any tuning. Topics that will be covered include getting started with slide guitar, action, strings, muting, raking, vibrato, and more.

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To successfully start playing slide guitar you really have to understand how to mute all the strings not being played, what to do with each hand when playing slide, and developing the touch that will allow you to sound more vocal when playing slide. In this course, I want to show the proven techniques I’ve used to teach thousands of players all over the world how to play slide guitar.

If you’re ready to start learning slide then this course will give you all the building blocks to become a great slide player no matter what tuning you choose to play in.

Lesson Index

Lesson 1 Getting Started

Lesson 2 The Left Hand

Lesson 3 The Right Hand

Lesson 4 Vibrato

Lesson 5 Raking

Lesson 6 Choosing a Tuning

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