Podcast 1 – Hendrix, Gary Moore Red House Lesson


  1. John
    Another wonderful contribution to the lick library-thanks so much. Gary More was a fast and aggressive player and if the spirit moves you I would appreciate more demonstrations of his work and technique if you’re willing.

  2. John,
    Great talking 2 u today @ Andrews Amplification. Enjoy the Spectraverb! I enjoyed the lesson – great tone! I particularly like the technical aspects of your instruction – giving the counts and discussing lagging behind the beat. I agree that too many people get sterile in their playing by hitting the note on the beat.
    Great instruction!
    David W

    • Hey David! It was great talking to you as well and glad you liked the lesson. Been playing the amp some today and man it’s just killer! Thanks for posting a comment. Talk to you later.

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