Switching Between Major and Minor – Podcast 72

| Skill Level:Beginner/Intermediate

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to play a Slow Blues Solo that switches back and forth between major and minor scales. For the A chord we’ll use the A Major Pentatonic Scale, for the D chord we’ll use the A Minor Pentatonic Scale, and for the E chord we’ll use the A Minor Pentatonic scale. This lesson is in the key of A.

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  1. Dumb question. At around 12:00, during the IV chord, you bend a half step into the major pentatonic (high E string, fret 8 to 9). Are you actually consciously thinking about the chord that is coming and are thinking that far ahead? “I’m in the IV, but I want the major over the I, so start now and time it for when the chord changes back to the I”? Something like that thought process, or is it more intuitive and “it comes with a lot of practice” sort of thing? At this stage of your playing, do the thoughts still come into your head or are you just playing it?

  2. Hi @mikec3211,

    I am thinking about that but after so many years of doing it, it doesn’t feel like something that takes a lot of effort. I just can intuitively think that sound and understand in my head what interval it is. That’s why I teach to sing your Intervals in Blues Guitar Method 1 as you need to get them ingrained into your head of what they sound like. Hope that helps!

  3. So I’ve taken a lot of these licks and licks from your other blues courses and tried them over a minor blues progression (i.e., Am7|Dm7|Em7) – and it sounds ok, but not quite right. Do you have a course that explains the differences between the two chord progressions (Minor/Major blues chord progressions) and the licks to play over them? I know your Blues Guitar Method 2 discusses the Major blues chord progression, but is there a course for the Minor blues chord progression?

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