Clapton, Hendrix, Betts Solos

Learn how to play 3 blues rock solos in the style of Dickey Betts, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton in this video course. Running time is 2 hours.

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I’ll never forget the first time I heard each one of these guys play.  It was like a light bulb being turned on, and now I could really see what I wanted to learn on the guitar.  Through many years of trial and error I believe I’ve learned a few things about these guys playing style, and in this compilation I want you to show you the coolest parts of these solo styles I’ve put together.

Preview the Solos You’ll Learn

In this compilation you will learn how to play three blues rock solos in the style of these legendary blues rock players as well as some must know tricks to sounding like these legendary influential blues guitarists.  Start today and let me show you what I have learned by studying these guitarists styles for the past 20+ years.

Solo Styles You Will Learn

  • Dickey Betts “Statesboro Blues” Style Solo
  • Jimi Hendrix “Once I Had a Woman” Style Solo
  • Clapton “Badge” Style Solo

* Note – These are not note for note copies of these solos but my own creation of their “Greatest Licks”so to speak.

This Course Contains

  • 2 Hours of Video
  • 8 Pages of PDF Tabs
  • 3 mp3 Backing Tracks

If you’re really wanting to learn how to play the blues, then there is no way you can overlook these three blues rock giants.  No matter how many years go by, these three guitarists remain the inspiration for every serious guitarist who really wants to learn how to “Improvise” the blues not just play it.


  1. Bernie Pendergast

    Thanks John, these solos are working out just great for me at my skill level. First I’m a big Clapton and D Betts fan and these solos are a great introduction to there style and sound. and second the blending of the minor and major scales has been very helpful.

  2. Les Helgeson

    These are three great classic solos to learn, as taught by a fantastic instructor who has found the sweet spot teaching guitar. Not too much discussion or rambling about where to put what finger, etc. but you get enough insight and help figuring out how things are put together. This is a great follow up to the Blues Course(s) and provides a fun way to apply some fundamental concepts. John is obviously an accomplished guitarist whose playing is inspirational in itself. Highly recommended!

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