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Play Like Duane Allman pt 2

In this course I want to show you how to play a Soul Serenade solo in the style of Duane Allman and the concepts and techniques needed to sound like this blues legend.

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In this course I want to show you how to play like Duane Allman by learning about his vibrato style, the way he attacks and holds the guitar and then putting all this info together to learn a complete Soul Serenade style solo. Learning how to play like Duane will make your phrasing and melody much better as this is the kind of guitarist he will always be known for.

Solo You Will Learn

This Course Includes

  • 2 Hour Video Lesson
  • Backing Track
  • 6 pages of PDF Tabs

Lesson Index


Lesson 1 Holding the guitar

Lesson 2 Tone

Lesson 3 Duane Vibrato

Lesson 4 Attack

Lesson 5 Duane Positions

Lesson 6 Soul Serenade Style Solo