Play Like Warren Haynes

In this Course I want to show you how to play in the style of Warren Haynes by learning about the many aspects of his legendary guitar playing. Running time is 6 hours.

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Learn the key elements that go into Warren’s powerful and unique blues guitar style by learning solos, licks, and his powerful blues bending style.

This Course Contains

6 hours of Video
30 Pages of PDF Tabs
3 Backing Tracks

Lesson Index

Lesson 1 – Guitar Tone
Lesson 2 – Bending
Lesson 3 – Soulshine Style Solo
Lesson 4 – When the Bullets Fly Style
Lesson 5 – Slow Blues Solo Part One
Lesson 5 – Slow Blues Solo Part Two
Lesson 6 – 10 Funky Warren Licks

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  1. Mark V.—Germany

    Let your soul shine! 😉

    Hi John,

    Just wanted to tell you that I purchased your new Warren Haynes-Style lesson, and I’m really, really impressed by the quality of your material. I already own several of your lessons, but this time, you really outdid yourself. Warren’s licks are not easy to play, but it’s really fun to practice them with your help!

    Let your soul shine! 😉

    Kind regards,

  2. Kamil—Malaysia

    What a Lesson

    Hi John,

    What a lesson. The first chorus of the slow blues is delightful. Simple but soulful stuff. I always like the short blues phrases. Well done!!

  3. Brad—US

    Hi John,

    Wow. What an impressive wealth of material!

    I could not help but to start this weekend with the Play Like Warren Haynes DVD. The chance to learn how to play a Soulshine style solo pulled me right in.

    The DVD quality is outstanding. The lessons on bending have helped me understand the technique and provided good practice suggestions to learn to develop the playing skills to use the technique.

  4. Brando—Italy

    Great Warren licks!

    Hi John,

    great lesson, the solos are great, I am currently working on the Soulshine one and it really helps me nailing some Warren trademark licks!

    Why not 5 stars? Well, I am following your tone advices but you could have detailed a little bit more (not so sure about putting the mids on ten! You can find several pics and videos with his settings, and he usually keeps bass at 7 and mids/treble at 5).

    It would have been great to have the solos in a power tab/guitar pro file to practice them at a slower tempo (please send them to me if you decide adding them!). This is the big delusion in an otherwise great lesson!!

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