E Ballad Solo

Learn how to play a major key Ballad style blues played in the key of E that includes a rhythmic piece and a lead solo containing influences from SRV, Hendrix, Mayer, and Betts.


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In this course I want to show you how to play a piece I wrote that takes a lot of the elements from the Chord Embellishments course and puts them into one cohesive solo. This piece also includes a Major sounding solo using the major pentatonic scale while throwing in the minor pentatonic occacionally. This is a great thing to learn to see how combining major and minor over a predominantly major tune should sound.

What You Receive

  • Running Time – 102 minutes of video .mov
  • 7 Pages of PDF Tabs
  • E Ballad Backing Track
  • Video Backing Track
  • Guitar Pro Files
  • Download Size 1.6 GB

The Solo You Will Learn

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