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  1. John, I am impressed with the first two free lessons you have sent my email address. I am interested in your course, but have reservations. I have invested in a couple of other courses that taught licks and rythms but never really addressed articulation or when certain lick should be played in context. I don’t want to spend more money on another batch of licks. I want to learn how to articulate licks and how to apply them to a blues groove. It seems I can learn the mechanical part of licks, but they never sound like they should when I play them. For example, the second part of the Jimi Hendrix, podcast #37, I can play the notes but they don’t sound right. Does your course help with issues such as these? Does your course, for example, lay down a groove and say “This particular lick will fit with this groove”? Your response would be appreciated.
    Bill Comber

    • Thanks a lot. The Blues Course covers the tools I think are needed to play great sounding blues guitar. Vibrato, phrasing and when to play what note using intervals are also covered, which may be what you need. I do show licks and solos in the lessons cause to me if you can’t apply the stuff to something tangible, it has little effect when you learn it. I can’t say for certain that you will absolutely love the course. Others have purchased it and have really gotten some benefit out of it. Hope that helps.

      Happy Holidays!


      • I know this is an old thread, but I would like to add to it. I’m working through the Blue Guitar Course, and I want to add that John plays the licks over the backing track on the DVD to demonstrate the context and phrasing. I’m only on DVD 3. I can tell that it is not only helping my knowledge of blues phrasing but also tightening up my left and right hand techniques! As a lefty that plays right, being able ot see John’s right-hand technique has proven invaluable to me.

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