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This website has really helped me progress and evolve

This site is simply amazing. John covers all genres and topics that I like, for example slow blues solos, SRV style solos, but also rhythm guitar. Some lessons are slow and easier, while others are faster tempo and more challenging. However, I can have the tabs next to the video and pause the video whenever I need to, so it’s super convenient. I think the best part about the videos is not just the breakdown of the licks and execution, but John describing all the subtleties and details like rakes, muting, dynamics, etc… it really helps elevate the performance, almost like in a private lesson. This website has really helped me progress and evolve in my guitar playing skills, to the point I felt comfortable recording and making my own YouTube videos. I signed up for the all-year pass and can’t get enough of it – so many lessons to do, and the price is excellent given the breadth and quality of all content in the website. Thank you so much John for all your work and dedication. PS. Love the t-shirt I ordered, was so totally worth it 🙂

Julio Agostinho

Start your guitar journey now with John, you will be over the moon

I do all sorts of how to guitar videos. I found Learning Guitar Now and John on YouTube around March of 2020 and his lesson were incredible. I was initially interested in doing a Derek Trucks slide guitar style, then I found John also doing lesson on Warren Hayes, who does slide in standard tuning quite often. Derek usually does Open E tuning. I realized that I could not do what I wanted and needed more music theory. All of this and anything you are looking for is in complete detail at Learning Guitar Now. So I went back to the beginning and learned standard tuning, the 5 pentatonic scales, then I started to see how the scales fit the barre chords. Then Learning the root notes of each Major and minor key (which I am still learning), learning the 1,4,5 or the 1,3,5 or the 2,3,5. When you finally get some of that knowledge in your head and it starts to click, then you realize you need to work on your strumming, picking hand. John has all of those tutorial videos as well. What video do you need for today? John has it. I decided in Covid to get serious about guitar and John has made this journey very possible and pleasant. There is not one question that you can not find on Learning Guitar Now. Do yourself a favor and start your guitar journey now with John, you will be over the moon. Thank you John for all of your knowledge, information and patience. Mike Confer Philly

Michael Confer

I just love the way John breaks down the different styles

I’ve been playing guitar for over 50 years and being an Aussie have accumulated a heck of a lot of Aussie habits in my blues style. I just love the way John breaks down the different styles and techniques of some of the best blues players that I’ve listened to in my life and within that breakdown creates a playing insight to the feels. Especially the American players. Allows me to explore a much broader understanding of just ‘HOW’ to incorporate that ‘magic’ feel into my own very grounded style. I don’t even have to look too far with John. Usually one or two of his well structured presentations keeps me busy for months sometimes just transposing those ‘little slices of magic’ into my own playing. When you’re as set in your playing ways as I’ve become it is indeed a breath of true fresh American air. Just love it. Thanks John…cheers…Glenn

Glenn Brown

John’s coaching programs are excellent

I’ve been playing for a long time but still need plenty of instruction to help me play to my full abilities. John’s coaching programs are excellent and the tech that his system employs is state of the art. If you want to improve your groove no matter if you’re just starting to play or have been at it for a while I highly recommend is programs and at the price point he offers his expertise it’s a steal! Joe Bodek

Joseph Bodek

I have been a student of John Tuggle since 2017

As an old school guitar player, I cherish John’s no-nonsense and extraordinary clear approach to his music and his instrument. I have learned a great deal from John. His knowledge of equipment and how to set it up and use it all to full effect is unsurpassed. From pedals to amps to guitars, John takes you each step of the way with ease and certainty. Then there is John’s ability to demonstrate numerous individual playing styles, including Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, John Mayer, B B King, Duane Allman, David Gilmour, Dickey Betts, Peter Green and the list goes on. The only problem you will face is within yourself, having the discipline to choose a course and stick to it. But take your time, maybe develop some “beginner’s mind”, and John will lead you into an endless garden of the guitar.


Questions are answered in the active forum

I was looking for a site that would bring me closer to the blues. However, my English is not very good. John managed to show the essentials in the videos so that I understood it too. Everything you need is included with the exercises. Videos, PDFs, Soundslice, backing tracks, etc., all in a structured form for beginners to professionals. Questions are answered in the active forum and new learning content is constantly being added. Clear recommendation from me.


I cannot believe how much I’ve learned

I have been a student of John Tuggle for two years. I cannot believe how much I’ve learned during this period. His lessons include open tunings, slide guitar techniques, vibrato, string bending, scales, modes, intervals, chords, lead guitar ideas, and other essentials of the blues. Unlike other instructors, John focuses only on “the blues.” He is patient and thoroughly explains each aspect of the course material. John is a fount of knowledge on American and British Blues! His lessons are outstanding!

Raymond Restaino

John uses the latest tools available

I’m very happy being an All Access Pass member here at LGN. John is an excellent teacher and amazing guitar player. He not only shows you “what” to play but also focuses on “how” to play each note with emotion and feeling. That makes all the difference. Also the site interface is so easy and John uses the latest tools available to make the experience as rewarding as possible! I say “Go for it!” …you’ll be glad you did.

Philly Dupree

Learning Guitar Now ticks all the boxes when it comes to improving your guitar playing

Learning Guitar Now ticks all the boxes when it comes to improving your guitar playing. John Tuggle is a great player to learn from and has worked incredibly hard in building a top class guitar learning environment. I’ve been a member of a few other learning sites but slowly lost interest in them.

I’ve learned so much since being a member and I’ll be sticking with John. If you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced and like blues, Clapton, Hendrix, ZZ Top and the Allman Brothers why would you go anywhere else. His lessons are easy to follow with great functionality in the software.

There’s always new content arriving and so much existing content to keep you busy. Thanks for what you do John. I’m definitely a better guitar player for being a member. Totally recommended.

John Hampton

I improved a lot

John is a great teacher. I improved a lot since I started following him. I would recommend him for anyone who wants to learn the BLUES. As a member of all the access pass you’ll get all the tools to be a real blues player.


No matter what your level of skill is – you will gain many new skills

I’m probably best classified as an early intermediate-level guitarist. I’ve had one-on-one lessons sporadically over the past eight years. These lessons have been valuable but I now find my understanding and skills have accelerated greatly since undertaking the structured courses and podcasts in It is clear that John Tuggle has worked earnestly to make this a truly effective and resourceful website. I’m highly motivated to do my daily lessons through the site. They are enjoyable lessons because I’m learning so much. I never thought that would be possible with on-line training. Congratulations John, and – for all those budding guitarists out there – no matter what your level of skill is – you will gain many new skills and improve your understanding of guitar and music by participating in these courses and podcasts.

Mark N Spencer

He covers all the great blues and rock guitarists

LGN is an incredible resource for anyone wanting to get better at playing the blues. Working through John’s lessons will get you better at improvising, help with techniques like bending, slides, raking, and vibrato. He covers all the great blues and rock guitarists and some that you may not have studied previously. I highly recommend the All Access Pass to anyone who loves playing guitar!


I am pleased to say that I can now play a reasonable lead solo

I’m a pretty good acoustic guitar player who has always wanted to play electric blues lead. I have used quite a few other online tutoring sites some more successful than others but still didn’t manage to get it. Until, that is, I found Learning Guitar Now. With John’s tutoring style and a great website full of great courses I am pleased to say that I can now play a reasonable lead solo and I’m improving all the time. I love the way John plays guitar. It’s exactly how I’d like to play but he is very clear that you need to practice to get there. John is a very straight talker to lays out what you need to do to play blues lead and that is practice. He is also very encouraging by saying that you can do it but don’t kid yourself that buying the course will make you a great player if you don’t follow John’s useful and straight forward advice. So thank you John for everything. I get so much enjoyment from playing and see myself improving each month.

Dik McFarlane

I am really stunned on how my guitar playing has so dramatically improved

I subscribed LGN 2 years ago and I am really stunned on how my guitar playing has so dramatically improved. John’s lessons and courses are part of my daily routine. There’s plenty of material and you can tailor your learning path according to your level / music preferences. John’s lessons are great. He makes you understand the techniques, he gives you tips and he guides you to develop a style by your own. Also, there are lessons on the different styles of the great guitar heroes of the past and present where you can really appreciate the different approaches to a great blues solo. Thanks John.


The lessons are super clear and all the related tools are perfect

Hi John, I think your lessons material is really fantastic. The lessons are super clear and all the related tools are perfect. Quality of video is great in every aspect. To tell you the truth I subscribe for your Allman Brothers related lessons. It’s quite some time I haven’t seen new lessons about them. I hope you will get my request. Gov’t Mule have a new album with a lot of blues inside. Maybe it can be an inspiration for a new lesson on Warren Haynes style. Go on with the good job.

Fabrizio Inzoli

John’s courses and lessons have guided me from a relative beginner to a gigging musician

When I discovered Learning Guitar Now I quickly realized it was exactly what I had been searching for, and I’ve never looked back. John’s courses and lessons have guided me from a relative beginner to a gigging musician and member of three bands. The courses cover every aspect of blues guitar and include so many great tips and important insights that will improve your overall musicianship. Purchasing the LGN All Access Pass is simply one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

John G

That was a luck day for me

I don’t remember when I stumbled on to LGN but that was a luck day for me. It reignited my enthusiasm for playing and learning. I love to practice and I love to learn. Those are 2 things I can do endlessly with the tutelage of John Tuggle.


On videos where he turns it loose, you see and hear someone that gets it

I’ve been playing in bands since 1974 when I was 17. They’ve been more or less successful over time, earning enough scratch to keep me interested. Blues has always been at the top of my list, and I got by on basic rhythm techniques and the occasional lead. “Good enough” to get by, but I was never satisfied.

I’ve tried dozens of instructors, all sorts of how-to books/DVDs/online programs…nothing seemed to click. When you hear a good blues guitar player, the distinction between good enough and great is huge. I’ve found a few online, but too many talk talk talk and play little. When I discovered Learning Guitar Now, I realized it was different on this site. First, John can PLAY. On videos where he turns it loose, you see and hear someone that gets it. But what makes his site different than the rest just regurgitating variations of the same theme is that he wants YOU to get it.

If you want to pick and choose your lessons…fine. If you want to start from scratch and build competency in technique…fine. If you want to talk to him on the forum and have a REAL exchange of ideas or ask for advice…he’s there. The lesson curriculum is huge, his freebies on YouTube vast, and his continued enthusiasm to help you become a better blues guitarist is non-wavering.

You’re not on his site to learn theory or the fretboard, although he does touch on these when necessary. You are there to play guitar. Play what you love in the style of your favorite artists or just improvising. Play, learn the phrases, the timing, the technique and you WILL get better. I’m 64 as I write this. Still playing. The difference now is I’m getting better. Good enough doesn’t cut it for me now.

When I hit a phrase just right, the audience actually pauses on that beat. The beauty of the blues just poured through my fingertips if only for a moment. Right now I’m focused on some of the Allman Brothers material. It takes me home. Sometimes, when I daydream, I see me on that stage with them, holding my own. Thanks JohnT, you’ve kept the blues alive for this old timer!

John White

John is a REAL blues guitar player

John is a REAL blues guitar player. His website Learning Guitar Now is “The Best” resource I have found for authentic blues guitar instruction.

I have taken private lessons from graduates of (then GIT) now MIT in Hollywood. And I can say without a doubt I learned more from John and continue to learn more about the blues through his online teaching.

Like most I tried month to month for a while, but now I am an annual member and could not be happier. If you are even giving blues instruction a thought, do yourself a favor and give John a couple of months.

If you are trying to learn the blues, you will be convinced that John is the teacher that can get you to your goal.

Ron Rose


THIS IS THE PLACE TO LEARN THE BLUES I’ve been trying to play blues guitar for 30 years on and off and never was able to play it right. It looked like something totally out of my reach, although I spent thousands in lessons. After trying a lot of different things in the internet I checked some free LGN lessons and decided to give it a try.

I didn’t even dream what I was going to find and achieve there. In less than 1 year I have improved so much, that some people think I have even gone to the crossroad at night! For the first time in my life I practice everyday and every time I have some free time, and I cannot wait for my daily practice. All solos and licks are amazing from the beginner to the advance levels. Although I joined as a picker, I have also now started slide guitar. Something I never thought I was going to do in my life.

This is not a site to only learn songs, this is the PLACE to learn actually how to PLAY THE BLUES. How to play in the style of the masters (SRV, Clapton, Duane Allman, Billy Gibbons, BB King, Hendrix, etc, etc) and embed it into your playing. How to get the tones, use the gear and even how to record yourself and build a great home recording studio. How to master the nuances and techniques of masters’ playing, that nobody teaches you anywhere. And how to improvise…

John W. Tuggle is a world class player and a natural teacher, who evidently loves music, the blues and puts all the passion into his work.

I’ll keep subscribing to the All Access Pass until my hands are not able to play a note anymore! This site has really made me a happier person.


John has it down, playing and teaching!

There are a lot of good guitar instruction videos and websites out there, & they all have something to offer. I checked out a bunch of them, and I learned that its difficult to find everything that your looking for in 1 place. A subscription to Learning Guitar Now All Access Pass, & a few authentic tab books works for me. Southern blues/rock has always been my favorite genre, and John has it down, playing and teaching!

I also appreciate Johns straight forward no nonsense approach. Just follow the instructions, one lesson at a time and move forward. Tons of lessons, all the modern tools, new lessons added regularly make it worth every penny in my opinion. I don`t like to waste my time or money.

Michael Bennett

It’s an amazing learning experience

I started with the free lesson and liked it so much I joined with the All Access Pass for a month. It turned out that thirty days wasn’t enough to even put a dent in all the great lessons on this site so I upgraded to a full year.

It didn’t take long to learn that a year wasn’t long enough either as new courses, licks and podcasts are added all the time. Whether it’s BB King, Albert King, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix or Duane Allman you want to sound like, LGN gives you the technique for achieving that style and tone. It’s an amazing learning experience that seems to get better with each new lesson.

Steve Young

I love the way the lessons are presented

I can’t say enough about John and his lessons. I’ve always wanted to be a slide player but I have never been able to get the hang of it, until I stumbled on to one of John’s videos on YouTube and decided to check his site out. I definitely don’t regret it and it is absolutely worth the money.

My slide playing ability has increased so much, in such a short amount of time. His lessons are complete, very detailed, very structured and have a logical flow. John will take you from beginner to as far down the road as you are willing to go.

He is very approach able and very responsive with any questions you might have. His website is very polished and easy to navigate. I love the way the lessons are presented with the videos having multiple camera angles and interactive tabs with a looping function. I strongly recommend that if you are looking to improve your blues and or slide playing you should definitely sign up for Learning Guitar Now All Access Pass. There aren’t any other sites out there that are this complete or detailed.


I’m excited to keep going with your courses

Hi John, I just wanted to pass along that I’ve been loving your courses. I’ve always loved slide guitar and have dabbled with it over the years but never really put it together. In just about a month now, my slide guitar playing has improved tremendously. I’m sure that I would have never reached even this level if I hadn’t lucked out by finding your website.
I broke out my new skills at our first band practice this week (it’s been a few months since we practiced last due to covid). Even though it was pretty rough, everyone was pretty impressed. I’m excited to keep going with your courses and looking forward to the day that I can bust out an awesome improvised solo at one of our gigs. Thanks so much for this awesome content that you have put together!!

Joe Rein

Easily the best I have seen online

I would like to say that I have found your lessons, approach and website extremely valuable. Easily the best I have seen online.
I have played for decades in amateur bands and I came here to learn Slide. So apart from achieving some success with that, the bonus has been my right hand finger technique has developed amazingly for all playing, not just slide. That is, I was a pick player mainly before but I’m now using a hybrid method most of the time.
So many thanks for your help. All the best, Rick


This site is the place to be

I especially enjoy the interactive feature for lessons. I’ve been working on Blues Guitar Method 1 for a few weeks and the lessons on Visualization and Improvising are totally changing the way I view and navigate the fretboard.
If you’re serious about playing, and really looking to improve your Blues and slide playing, this site is the place to be.


John makes it Crystal Clear

I’m in my second year of All Access with Learning Guitar Now. I had no knowledge really of guitar before these classes. They have been super enlightening about the whole concept of playing guitar and music in general.

John goes over every note of every piece of music painstakingly and makes it crystal clear as to what you’re supposed to be doing. While explaining the whole time where you are and how it works as music… His knowledge and enthusiasm are always inspirational. It takes lots of practice and repetition but it really works. I’ve looked at lots of other instruction on the Internet and this is by far the best. John Tuggle does a great job!


For me yours is by far and away the best

Hi John, I’m sending you a quick note to say how much I am LOVING being a member of Learning Guitar Now. Your guitar tuition is second to none and I am learning exactly what I had hoped to.
Currently I am working my way through Blues Guitar Method 1 and then I received an email from you suggesting to look at Blues Method Supplement, which I am finding very useful. Between the two courses I am finally beginning to get the bluesy sound, moving between the major and minor scales, I’d always hoped to get.
I’ve been a member of several other guitar tuition sites and bought many other programs but for me yours is by far and away the best. Keep up the great work!

Kevin Plumb

If you’re looking to start playing Blues guitar I would definitely recommend LGN

Prior to joining Learning Guitar Now I was trying to learn via YouTube and other online forums without much success. It wasn’t until I subscribed to the All Access Pass that everything seemed to make sense. I was able to follow a structured learning plan and there are a wide variety of courses that cater for complete novices right through to more experienced players. Once I was able to get a grasp of the fundamentals of music theory my playing improved significantly I’ve made swift progress ever since, John’s course’s are concise and easy to follow and he is always on hand to answer any questions you have. If you’re looking to start playing Blues guitar I would definitely recommend LGN.

Steve Grover

The lessons on the website are easy to navigate

The lessons on the website are easy to navigate using the controls, for me are usually just slowing the lick speed and print outs of the tablature. I am focusing on minor blues lead licks right now and have discovered some of John’s phrases extremely useful, learning John’s licks then using a phrase or two from the lick to create another one or two licks. I have been a member for several months and will stay a member so long as I continue to learn licks and phrases that I am attracted to. I hope to learn some major pentatonic licks that I can use with rhythm and blues, which is my other favorite.

Phil Lassiter

I’m grateful to have found Learning Guitar Now

I’m grateful to have found Learning Guitar Now. Everyone’s learning guitar journey is different but in my 3+ years as an All-Access Pass member I’ve grown most in 3 ways.

1) Intellectually. Before I started I had no understanding of the fretboard, why some notes sounded good over a chord and others didn’t, and how to make the same melodic lines along different parts of the neck. Now I definitely “get it”.

2) Recording. I had toyed with recording and song-making for decades and had nothing to show for it, but LGN turbo-fueled me in using several different kinds of software and hardware, and I now have dozens of fully-arranged and mixed songs that give me a lot of pleasure to listen to and share with friends. My advances came through John’s instructions and recommendations, as well as the answers he and others posted in response to my questions in the User Forum.

3) Appreciation and listening. I hear great music in a completely different way now. I didn’t realize before joining, but I was completely ignorant of how styles of playing come to life – through preferred riffs and motifs, and guitars and amps and effects, and – oh yeah – how you play it.

I get a kick out of playing in these different styles and recognizing it when I hear it and see it in other players. Even though I always enjoyed Albert and Derek and Jimi, before LGN I couldn’t tell you the ingredients that go in their special sauce. Now I like knowing the recipe. I’m not sure John thinks of me as his student, but I definitely think of him – and have referred to him to friends – as my guitar teacher. Yes, it is online. But he has given me extraordinarily personalized feedback many times in such a way, that even though we have never formally met, our relationship is light-years beyond watching You Tubes and posting in the comments.

I have taken group lessons and individual lessons over the years. This is by far the most I’ve learned at the lowest cost. So like I started out saying: I’m grateful!

Roderick Jones

Hi John,

I just wanted to let you know that you have the best blues lessons available online. Thank You for doing what you do!

George Martins

I highly recommend his lessons

LGN is a great tool for learning to play blues guitar. John is very detailed in his lessons and is very knowledgeable. The videos, backing tracks and tabs are well done. I highly recommend his lessons for anyone from beginners to experience players.

Francisco Barranco

John’s lessons play a huge part in my guitar journey

John’s lessons play a huge part in my guitar journey. I frequently access 5 or 6 online sources for everything from how to play specific songs to understanding music theory. The awesome thing about John’s lesson at LGN is that they incorporate all of those things including specific fingerings, techniques, and why certain notes are played against specific chords. The interface used by LGN is also top notch. I am certain that anyone wanting to learn guitar or advance their ability and understanding of music, will benefit immensely from joining LGN.

Steve D

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