SRV Rhythmic Solo Lesson – Podcast 45


  1. This Podcast lesson is nothing short of incredible! John has not only done all the hard work on studying the late great SRV but here in this single podcast demonstrates his very essence. It could not be any easier for us…….we bring the guitar and open mind plus timing and some decent core technique thanks to John Tuggle’s primer courses (that he generously references throughout this lesson) and in short order we can all channel one of the greatest R&R and Blues guitarists of all time! Then John even takes things a step further by simplifying his lesson even more for us! John also provides us easy simple ‘click on’ access to concentrating on tougher lick concepts broken down into 9 separate lesson licks right below the video lesson! This lesson is a guitarist’s game changer and all we need is the open mind and patience and appreciation of John’s hard research and efforts!! Jim C.

  2. Fantastic lesson. Deceptively easy, yet jumping all over the neck trying to stay accurate and on time is no easy task. Really the perfect lesson that teaches a bunch of skills. John, your playing here really shines. Brilliant.

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