Podcast 13 – Matt Schofield Blues Lesson


  1. John,

    Great podcast. I really enjoy Matt’s music and playing too. My question is theory orientated. The first lick is major sounding and the second is minor orientated and you say it’s in the key of A (I’m presuming Major). I’m familiar with playing a major sound on say the I chord of a dominant seven minor blues but not sure how it works the other way (playing the minor pentatonic in a major blues). Any light you can shed on this for me will be helpful.

    As always, I enjoy your playing and teaching.



    • Thanks Jerry. The first lick is not based on a major scale. It’s mostly minor actually. Also this is a dominant 7th blues not a diatonic major blues. Diatonic major blues are pretty rare but do exist.

      Hope that helps.



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