Podcast 11 John W Tuggle Style Lick


  1. Hi John,

    Great tone as always, Can you share the settings of your amp and gear?

    Keep doing your great work!


  2. John:

    Great stuff! I’ve been watching and listening YOUR style for sometime, trying to glean the aspects you amalgamated and synthesized from all the masters you teach on. So in many ways, my “style” is heavily influenced heavily by you! This is great man, appreciate it. Keep it coming.

    • Thanks a lot Steve! Glad you liked it. I feel like I play my best when I don’t try to sound like anyone. I also always try to teach the concept of developing your own style. Not easy but worth making the effort.

  3. Hi John,

    Glad you are throwing some of your stuff in. I know you might disagree out of modesty but your playing is clearly in the same league than some of the big boyz you analyze,,. if not most of them.Keep on truckin!

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