Minor Blues Solo

In this lesson you will learn how to play a minor slow blues guitar solo. Includes 7 pages of tabs and 1 backing track.



Learn a complete solo that is played over a minor blues 12 bar chord progression.

Lesson Index

Lesson 1 Natural Minor Patterns
Lesson 2 Licks 1-8
Lesson 3 Licks 9-15
Lesson 4 Licks 16-24

This Course Includes

1 hour 30 minute Video
7 pages of tab
1 backing track
Guitar Pro Files

What you will learn

How to play a minor slow blues guitar solo
24 individual licks
Nuances of what goes into creating a minor blues guitar solos
5 Natural Minor Scale Patterns

About Downloads

This Course is a Download and nothing will be shipped. After purchase you will download zip files that contain the video, tab, and backing tracks that come with the course.