E Unaccompanied Blues Solo

E Unaccompanied Blues Solo

In this course you will learn how to play a blues solo in the key of E without any accompaniment. This is a great way to start learning how to play interesting solo pieces for people when presented with the opportunity to show off your blues skills.

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How many times have you been asked to play something on the guitar only to draw a complete blank of what to play.

​​You could probably play a few SRV or Jimi Hendrix licks for someone but unless you have a backing to play with this might not be the greatest way to show off your skills.

You’ve been taking all these lessons and now it’s time to show someone what you can REALLY do. A great way to show off your new blues skills is by playing something that has a combination of rhythm and lead lines that is put together in a VERY seamless way.

The Solo You Learn

In this course I’ll show you a piece that you can play in front of others that is sure to impress, but is not really that difficult to learn provided you do put in the work and practice. You’ll also learn a great exercise you can practice so you start learning how to put together your own blues solos in this style.

Not only does this piece sound great on an Electric guitar but will also sound fantastic on an Acoustic.

If you can’t ever think of anything to play when asked, then today you can finally show your friends and family what you can do after all those lessons you’ve been taking.

What’s Included

  1. 90 Minutes of Video
  2. 9 Pages of Tab


  1. Samel

    Hi John, Hi everyone,

    have an intermediate level and it took me a big month to learn the all lesson on the “E Unaccompanied Blues Solo”. I learned it by heart , the lesson also helped me to understand, feel and place lyrics in the shuffle time. Some little mistakes still but you can see me playing on this video, got to keep jamin’ da blues, thank you a lot, John Cheers 🙂

    Me and the E Unaccompanied Blues Solo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLOsj0iBSPw

  2. Alex Gray

    I’ve purchased most of John’s courses, and the E Blues Solo course is no exception when it comes to great arrangement, top notch instruction and study materials. John is such a great, detail-oriented teacher — who doesn’t go off the deep end with the theory.

    John, if you’re reading this, please arrange more solos like this one for direct purchase, since I’m a bedroom noodler who enjoys playing rhythm and lead together.

    The Rhythm Exercise materials in this course helped me polish my timing. I highly recommend this course for “beginner-mediates” and intermediate players. John’s courses have significantly improved my playing and opened my ears to different blues styles. – Alex

  3. Larry Bell

    great concept. acoustic or electric, play 64 bars, 16 licks and never get bored. John has a good teaching style and ends each section with ideas that you can incorporate to make the song yours. If you only want to play on the porch or on stage and you are at intermediate levcel, this is a course you can’t go wrong with.

  4. Mike D

    First let me tell you John is one of the best teaches online.

    Two let me tell you why. A great teacher who gives insightful tips in easy to learn lessons. If I had the time I’d buy every lesson ! My playing (mostly) blues has improved dramatically. So thanks John for always providing quality lessons at fair prices.

  5. Bruce

    This is a great training course and explains the how’s and whys so they actually sound right. Great for a beginner and those of us who missed the boat for so many years of just sounding ok.

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