My Gear

Here’s all the gear I use to produce the lessons on the site, other recordings I make, and for any live playing I do.

Vox A847

I’m not much of a wah wah pedal user but this is the one I like to use when I

Friedman Dirty Shirley

I just started using this pedal and it really does a great job getting more vintage Marshall tones. bookmark me

Avatar 45

This amp is a JTM 45 Clone that really gets a great vintage Marshall sound. I’m not a huge Marshall

RME Babyface Pro

This is the interface that I run to the computer for my AD/DA. It sounds excellent and the drivers work flawlessly. I use audio for many applications and this device has always been incredibly reliable.

Weber 10F150T

This is a great speaker that I just put in my 1966 Fender Vibrolux. I was previously using the Eminence Legends but now I’ve come to like these a lot more as time has passed.

Custom Shop Relic Tele

This is my 2015 Custom Shop Telecaster Relic 1960. It’s probably the best playing guitar I have ever played and that’s why I got it.