Improvising over a 12 Bar Blues


In this free video guitar lesson I want to show you one exercise that will improve your blues guitar improvising skills as well as a few note choices that will make your blues guitar solos sound better.

To learn more about improvising blues guitar please check out my Blues Guitar Method.

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9 thoughts on “Improvising over a 12 Bar Blues”

  1. Great idea! Restricted playing helps you get more out of fewer notes and concentrate on those chords tones. A lot like BB King 🙂

  2. I have a worthy question for you sir. (JohnT) Ive only just listened to derek trucks and susan t’s song bound by glory. His tone and phrasing in this one is nothing short of typical DT. My question to you is I amd sure thats Allman’s Goldtop the 15 fret is identical. Im almost positive Derek is still playing in open e, or could he have tuned down to open d since the chordal tones sound like D, and G?

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